Your Guide to Rugs that Suit Your Lifestyle with Miss Amara

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Rugs are the perfect addition to any space, but sometimes it can be hard to picture them co-existing with your lifestyle. But what if we told you that you no longer needed to compromise on beautiful décor in your home? With the help of Miss Amara, you can now pick the patterned cream rugs or the textured pieces that you’ve been avoiding for years due to kids or pets (or parties!). Come with us as we explore Miss Amara’s extensive range that has been cleverly crafted to suit any lifestyle.

Washing Away the Worry

Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh, clean home. But often it takes a lot of work and a bit of magic to get it there, let alone keeping it that way. Mess is inevitable no matter your lifestyle, so it’s important to make things easier where possible. Machine washable rugs are ideal for people who want to add a practical piece without compromising on style or comfort. Just simply place the rug into the machine where it’ll wash away those spillages and the everyday build-up.

“One thing we hear loud and clear is that our customers have busy homes and busy lives and would much rather spend their time hanging out with the family and furbabies than worrying about keeping everything clean (who can relate?!).”

- Bronte, Miss Amara

Stain Resistant for Busy Families

Those with children (fur babies included, of course) understand the struggle in keeping things clean and stain-free. One small accident can very quickly bring an end to a favourite piece of furniture or décor. Opting for a rug that can survive these little incidents is an absolute game changer. A stain resistant piece means liquids aren’t quickly absorbed, making it easier to clean. This helps your rug to stay cleaner and fresher for longer - no compromises needed.

Elevated Outdoors

As the weather starts to get warmer, spending time outdoors becomes a big part of life. So, if you’ve never thought to pop a rug in your outdoor area, then you’re in for a treat. An outdoor rug can flawlessly tie together your space while adding softness and depth that an alfresco can often lack. They’re durable and stain resistant too, making them easy to maintain so you don’t have to stress over summer storms or a dropped drink.

Mood Board Created By Miss Amara on Style Sourcebook, View Mood Board Here

Mood Board Created By Miss Amara on Style Sourcebook, View Mood Board Here

Mood Board Created By Miss Amara on Style Sourcebook, View Mood Board Here


With the environment on everyone’s mind, it’s important to highlight one of the key elements when choosing a rug - sustainability. An eco-friendly rug made from recycled materials or renewable resources will not only look good in your space, but will make you feel good about your purchase. The perfection option if you’re conscious of your environmental footprint while creating a stylish space.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to add your dream rug into your space that perfectly fits your lifestyle. Explore Miss Amara’s full range of machine-washable, pet friendly, and stain resistant rugs, which come in all different shapes and styles, here. If you’d like to visualise your space and which rug suits best, check out our mood board tool.