A light Hamptons home styled with Scandinavian elements

Instagram: @jessi.eve

Website: Jessi Eve

Photographer: Villa Styling

If you’re like us and obsessed with the world of interiors, you may have come across the name Jessi Eve. Or maybe you’ve come across her work? Jessi Eve’s interior styling takes a relaxed, functional approach and combines it with a focus on the clients wants and needs. The result? Tranquil havens, grounding spaces and bespoke décor. Come with us as we take a tour of a project described as an Australian coastal home with some modern Hamptons influences. You’ll also get a little peek into what a typical day looks like for Jessi Eve and her go-to styling tricks. 

Where did you draw inspiration from for the home?

We were very lucky to be working with an already beautiful, architecturally stunning home. So, when we were called in to furnish and style the home for its new owners, establishing a brief was simple. We wanted to honour the coastal/modern Hamptons-inspired design of the home whilst bringing in some more Scandi elements that were reflective of my client’s personal taste.

How would you describe the style of the home?

Australian coastal with some modern Hamptons influences. The home is not suggestive of a traditional Hamptons style by any means but there are some nods to an Australian interpretation of that style which has a sense of grandeur whilst simultaneously maintaining a relaxed, coastal feel.

What are some of the main brands and suppliers that you used throughout?

The amazing custom curved-corner sofa is by Australian-makers, Molmic

The curved-corner dining table is by Totem Road

The custom upholstered bedhead in the main bedroom is by Australian-makers, Create Estate

The giant oversized framed canvases in the living area were custom created by Australian artist, Tegan Franks. They each feature depictions of my clients within the artwork which is a bit fun! 

What is your favourite room and feature of the home?

I can’t go past the breathtaking beauty of the main living/dining area. That soaring pitched ceiling, the ornate fireplace, those stunning doors and windows, the natural light streaming in, the gorgeous flooring and paint choices – it was all a dream backdrop to style against. 

We focused on creating a space that was functional for a family to entertain but also relax and watch TV at the end of the day. We refused to overlook the opportunity for symmetry by ensuring the fireplace remained the focal point and not the TV. We achieved this by opting for a show-stopper modular sofa that wraps around the living area like the best hug you’ve ever received. This created a layout perfect for socialising around the fireplace whilst also allowing my clients to comfortably sit and watch TV. 

The TV is positioned on the wall opposite the beautiful windows and doors so it’s not a focal point at all upon entry into the space… and even when it is in the line of sight, we purposely opted for a white Samsung ‘The Frame’ TV which poses as a framed artwork when not in use!

Do you have any go-to styling tricks that you swear by?

Measure to ensure the scale of your furniture, rugs, artworks etc. is spot on. There’s no point having the most stunning, luxe rug if it’s a metre too short for the length of the sofa or designer armchairs that you can barely move around because they are too bulky for the traffic flow within the space. Scale is such an important element of design that is often an (expensive) afterthought or completely overlooked altogether and you are left wondering why, with all these beautiful pieces, does the room still just not feel quite “right”.

Books are one of my favourite practical styling accessories. Not only is a great book a relaxing form of entertainment but they can also make great shelf styling props. Beautiful coffee table books on a subject of interest adds a personal element to your home whilst also looking beautiful on top of your coffee table or sideboard, layered with a candle or ceramic dish on top to complete the look. An affordable and sustainable styling hack of mine is to rummage through the books in your local op-shop. 

There are often some great finds there and if you are after a book that is purely for styling purposes, peel back the old paper sleeve on a hardcover book to reveal a woven cover - often as good as new and in great colours!

What does a typical day in the life of Jessi Eve look like?

It depends what day you catch me on! If I am working on a new design project, it’s often spent sourcing furniture and finishes, researching products, creating finishes palettes and drawing up joinery and design concepts using CAD ready for client presentations. Other days are spent barely doing anything creative at all, as with any business, there is always a load of admin, emails, bookkeeping and documentation to keep up with.

Are you working on any exciting new projects that you’d love to share with us?

Always! We are currently working on a new holiday property on the NSW South Coast. It’s a new build and we have been engaged for the complete interior design, decoration and styling. We also have a couple of fun residential projects in the works. Both are full renovations of existing homes – one in the Sutherland Shire and the other in Summer Hill. Stay tuned!