23 Home Office Ideas For 2023

With all of us working from home more often, the home office has become an essential part of our lives. Since we are spending more time in them it makes sense that we want to transform them into spaces that reflect our unique styles. It is so important to be comfortable and focused in them, in order to get your best work done.

2023 is going to be an exciting year for home offices. Working from home has stuck. It has been around for many years, giving us time to discover what works and what doesn’t. Match this up with the optimistic stylings of 2023 and you have some glamorous, funky, and fun home office ideas.  

1. Vintage glam office

Sometimes you can’t beat the classics. A vintage glam office channels old Hollywood, or esteemed university professor, with gorgeous wooden desks and cabinetry, as well as leather chairs.

Whether you want to go with glamourous white painted wood, or old-world styled natural timber there are many options for you. Check out the Nicholas study desk by Style My Home or Living Style’s Tasmanian mahogany timber writing desk for your centre piece. Match it with gorgeous vintage inspired cabinets like Zanui’s Annalise timber bookshelf, or Early Settler’s Clover shelving unit. For your chair you can go all out vintage inspired leather with the Osbourne aged leather chair by Living Styles, or go full glam with the Andreah velvet tufted chair from Zanui.

Top your vintage office off with some gorgeous lamps, a chandelier, and your favourite artwork. Add in a deep accent colour like purple, red or blue to bring out the vintage charm.

2. Industrial bookcases

You’ll find no end of industrial style bookcases on Style Sourcebook, and there’s a reason behind this, they look fantastic. Industrial style bookcases are the quintessential no-nonsense approach that’s perfect for a home office. They aren’t all function over looks. With weathered finishes, and natural materials, these bookcases add a rustic charm to any room.

Some great industrial bookcases that you must check out are the Camden range from Zanui, including the very industrial Camden bookshelf, and Camden Graduated bookshelf. Another great option is the Gerard Pipe Shelf from Zanui.

3. Focused functional studies 

The functional form of industrial design can transform your entire home office. A popular style known as the Architectural study focuses on no-fuss, all-function designs to diminish distractions and promote productivity. If this sounds like your perfect home office style then there are some great furniture pieces that you can mix and match.

The aim of the Architectural study is to keep things simple. So, the furniture you pick needs to be no frills, and stick to a basic colour scheme. Many studies using this style will stick to natural materials for their relaxing and hardy properties.

Some simple, no-frill chairs you could go for include the LOAM office chair by Freedom or the Albury fabric office chair by Living Styles. The desk is going to be the centre point of the room, so it’s important to get something functional, with simple rustic charm. Some great options include the Fulham 2 Drawer desk by Early Settler and the Tropica Combi by Living Styles. Alternatively you can go for something simple and modern with the Windemere desk by Zanui.

4. Leather chairs

Leather chairs are a piece of classic, classy luxury in your home office. They’re comfortable, adjustable, and allow you to lose yourself in your work. There are also a lot of varieties depending on your personal style and taste.

Some great options are the Arasi swivel chair, the Hilton Executive chair, the Osborne bankers chair, and the Replica Eames office chair. Each offers a unique style that could fit perfectly into your office.  

5. A comfy lounge

Sometimes, all you need to get the creative juices flowing, is a comfy lounge in the corner of your office. This gives you the perfect spot for a change in scenery or relaxing in some down time. It’s very common in offices to place an executive desk in one corner and a comfy lounge in the other.

If you’ve got a small room, an arm chair like the Octavia armchair by Urban Road would still offer the same benefits, especially when matched with an ottoman. For a luxurious sofa option pick something like the Houston by Ozdesign Furniture for the perfect lunchtime nap. Alternatively, have your office double as a guest bedroom with a sofa bed like the Rialto from M+Co.  

6. Mix and match materials

Mix and match different material to create a space with personality. Wood, metal, and glass fuse together in your home office to create a unique style. Whether you are going for an industrial theme, boho, or something more along the vintage lines then mixing and matching materials can help you make something special.

7. Indoor plants

Plants are perfect for adding that touch of nature into your home office. They are becoming more prevalent in 2023, as we realised how much we missed access to nature through COVID. There are a variety of house plants perfect for gardeners of all skill levels, many requiring very little care at all. The positive is, that no matter which plant you choose it will provide a calming effect, that can make your workspace feel more comfortable.

8. Study nook

If you are tight on space but still need a spot to work from, then a study nook may be the solution that you are looking for. Take a small space in the corner of a room, place a small desk like the Zephyr desk from Living Styles and a simple chair like the Albury office armchair by Living Styles. Together, with a bit of personalisation added, you have the perfect space for working from home.

9. Rustic furniture

Cosy and worn in, rustic style offices are a great option for a unique home office that feels homely whenever you step inside. Warm pine woods, worn leather chairs, and dark metals all form part of the rustic aesthetic. Desks like the Phyllis Oak from Living Styles is a great place to start in your rustic home office.

10. Statement lamps

A lamp is an effortless way to balance out or embolden your home office. Desk lamps offer a functional and stylish desk ornament that allows you to add a touch of your personal style to your desk.

Bring some vintage style to your desk with the Bankers touch lamp from Zanui. Or jump into the world of art deco with the Abella lamp from Merlino. If you’re looking for something more modern, you can’t go wrong with the Mak desk lamp from Zanui, it also comes in a wide range of funky colours.

11. Hanging lights 

Lots of light is a common theme in 2023. Lights that highlight space, and make a room feel bigger are well loved this year. This extends to the classic hanging or pendant light. These flexible lights come in all sorts of styles and colours to allow you to get extremely creative. Best of all, they save you some space on your desk, allowing you to do your work without the clutter.

Try some woven pendant lights like the Caramel Collection from Her Hands. For a modern look there is the Telbix Matteo light by The Blue Space. Or if you want to go for some something classic and classy you can try a small chandelier like the Café lighting Zara by The Blue Space.  

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12. Elegant cabinets

For larger rooms, elegant cabinetry acts as the perfect boarder. Not only is it practical for storing all your books, stationary, cables, paper, and other office goods, it adds a touch of class and sophistication to the room. This is perfect for those vintage style home offices. Other styles like boho or art deco also benefit from the right type of cabinetry.

Modern home offices can take advantage of the Sawyer display unit from Zanui for its sleek lines and flush doors. For a bit of art deco check out the Belize Cabinet from Ozdesign Furniture.

13. Coastal theme

If you dream of a beach getaway while at work (we can relate) then a coastal themed home office may just be the right way to go. Light coloured woods, bright blues, and a lot of natural light are the key to making your coastal office a dreamy beach getaway right at home. Add in some beach themed décor, like woven pendant lights, driftwood, and netting to really complete the look.

Small pieces of décor make all the difference in a coastal themed study. Try adding little finishing touches like these coral bookends from Living Styles to take your coastal home office a step further.

Image Credit: Jessi EveVilla Styling

14. Timber flooring

Timber flooring matched with the right rug is the perfect way to add space and style to any room. Natural materials like timber provide a sense of calm, while a rug adds that touch of soft comfort beneath your feet while you are working.

Timber is perfect for almost any style you are after for your home office. Consider darker timber floorings for vintage style or modern offices or go lighter for a coastal theme.

15. Tall cabinets 

Floor to ceiling cabinets add an imposing, and glamorous addition to your home office. These cabinets are common in vintage, or modern styled home offices. They allow you to store items behind sleek or wood crafted cabinetry, reducing clutter and distractions to improve your focus.

For a modern room try cabinets without handles for a sleek, flush appearance. For vintage rooms, wooden cabinetry with simple or ornate designs work perfectly as a framing device for the entire room. You can add some glass doors or open shelves for showcasing books, awards, and art pieces.  

16. Elegant study

Shiny gold fittings, smooth surfaces, velvet chairs, and gorgeous chandeliers all form part of an elegant study. This style is all about keeping surfaces soft and smooth, removing hard and sharp shapes, replacing them with rounded pieces that have a touch of femininity.

Start with round or curvy desks without sharp corners. Match this up with a velvet office chair like the Chifley from Living Styles.

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17. A white colour palette

Simple, clean, crisp, and beautiful, a white colour palette can fit into almost any style of home. You can bring a white colour palette into your preferred style, whether that be vintage, coastal, modern, or rustic, simply through clever use of materials.

Use sleek metals, and laminated wood for modern rooms. Take advantage of a dash of white paint over old timber for a rustic aesthetic. For a vintage room, it is all about ornate shapes and crafted wood panelling. Then with coastal, match it with tonnes of ambient light, some coastal décor and art.

18. Modern boho

A variation on the classic bohemian style, modern boho takes the rattan, macrame, and ethnic patterns and adds a modern twist. Creating a modern bohemian home office is all about playing with these materials and patterns. Highlight natural elements, colours and the different textures. Mix this in with modern desks, leather chairs, and cabinets.

19. Your favourite art

Adding your favourite art transforms any space into one that is deeply personalised and infinitely more comfortable to be in. Art allows you to make a space truly yours. When it comes to designing your home office, if you are unsure where to begin, start with your favourite art. Pull colours and motifs out from the piece and use it in the room. 

20. Ample light

Lots of natural light is the focus in 2023. With COVID we all realised the importance of natural light when cooped up inside all day. So, as we continue working from home more frequently than we would have in the past, natural light in workspaces makes a huge difference to our happiness at work. If you can, put your office in a room with large windows. Otherwise, maximise light by using brighter colours, strategically placed downlights, and wooden floorings.

21. Large desks

If you have a large home office and love a lot of desk space then you’ve got the perfect excuse to get a large desk. A big desk can make you feel like a boss, powerful and at the top of your field. It can also look elegant when matched with the right cabinetry and chairs. If you do go for a big desk, consider the style of room you want and ensure you have a matching lamp, and some matching chairs to really make the desk fit perfectly.

22. Ergonomic chairs

While not the most stylish, ergonomic chairs are what you need for a comfortable workday from home. They are absolutely essential if you regularly work from home or sit at your desk a lot. These chairs are designed to support your back, help you maintain good posture, and provide a comfortable chair for long hours at your desk.

Give chairs like the Onex Marrit or Evita office chair from Living Styles a go and see just how comfortable they can be.  

23. Gorgeous symmetry 

If you share your home office with a partner or other family member, then you can have fun playing with symmetry. We are naturally drawn to, and love symmetry, so experimenting with it can be fun. Take matching desks, cabinets, and décor, arranging them to be symmetrical of each other.

Alternatively, you can break the symmetry by theming each side of the room in complimentary colours. You can use silver metals on one side of the room, and gold on the other, for contrast.

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