Lucia Residence; a Contemporary Feminine Home with European Influences

Architecture Design: McShane Studio

Interior Design: McShane Studio

The name ‘Lucia’ is a feminine name derived from the Latin word light, which perfectly suits this impressive Canberra residence. Created by the award-winning McShane Studio, Lucia Residence is a refined contemporary home that brings a fresh perspective to a mix of European influences, an abundance of light, and a combination of natural materials. The home was inspired by the strength and beauty of the female form, which is showcased throughout every strategic detail. 

Come with us as we take an awe-inspiring tour of Lucia Residence and discover the impactful design of this family home. 

Lucia Residence is one of those homes where the experience begins before you even walk through the front door. The façade is complete with structural curves on the lower and upper floors, complemented by textural bricks and timber accents. Once inside Lucia Residence, the impact of the cool, feminine details is immediately felt.

Something we love about Lucia Residence (apart from the obviously amazing aesthetics) is that the entryway acts as an introduction for the home. Natural light floods in through a sculptural curved skylight above, enhancing the soothing palette. Elegant materials like the marble archway, and raw concrete stairs, set the effortless tone of timelessness. These elements are continued throughout the home in an organic flowing manner that really makes you appreciate the art behind interior design.

Curved walls lead you through to the kitchen and living spaces, which are all connected. Again, you’re welcomed by cool marble, sunlight, filtered through neutral sheers, and the perfect amount of texture. Each room features a variation of these details, such as the soft alternating white and blue checkered tiles in the powder room, the smooth inbuilt desk details of the study, matching arches featured in the walk-in pantry and bathrooms, and the soothing bedrooms.

A minimalist Mediterranean approach was taken with Lucia Residence, along with influences of Parisian interiors. Both atmospheric and physical elements, like the raw, natural materials, neutral palette, and cool, relaxed feeling of the home, are all  a nod to the much-loved minimalist Mediterranean style. Combined with the contemporary Parisian elements, like the marble and use of striking interiors, Lucia Residence is the perfect example of European chic without the cost of a plane ticket.

It’s easy to get lost in the aesthetics of Lucia Residence, after all, it’s a complete dream home. However, the main goal of the project was to enhance the lives of the clients, a young family; and enhance it did. The layout of the home was strategically developed to be functional, such as optimising open living spaces to encourage connection. This concept perfectly illustrates the vision of McShance Studio, which is “to reshape one’s connection to their space through considered and collaborative design”. The passionate team has a strong focus on their client and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s in store next for McShane Studio.

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