A Contemporary Coastal Masterpiece Located in North Bondi

Architect: MHNDU

Photographer: Tom Ferguson

Welcome to North Bondi. An idyllic part of Australia home to flawless real estate that boasts urban coastal living. Perfectly modeling this lifestyle is North Bondi Residence. A cool contemporary home with coastal influences and smooth interiors from the talented team at SJS Interior Design and Airth Building. Not only is this home total aesthetic goals, but its strategic design and form illustrate functionality at its finest, worthy of its shortlisted position in the 2023 Australian Interior Design Awards (Residential Design). Being a duplex, North Bondi Residence came with the challenge of a smaller layout which quickly turned into a demonstration of how space does not define a home’s capabilities. 

So, come with us on an exciting tour with SJS Interior Design and learn about the unique elements and inspiring design of the masterpiece that is North Bondi Residence.

North Bondi Residence is exactly the spot you’d want to spend your days unwinding in. Referencing the quintessential coastlines of Australia, the home boasts an organic feel that both intrigues and relaxes. It’s refined coastal living at its pinnacle. The brief for North Bondi Residence was simple, create a private oasis that ambitiously pushed the envelope, while still catering to a family lifestyle. Through the soft, subtle palette, rich materials, gentle curves, and luxury finishes, the contemporary coastal masterpiece was constructed.

If there’s one word we would use to describe North Bondi Residence, it's unique. And not just in its incredible layout, but the materials that have been used throughout the home. SJS Interior Design felt inspired to move away from the usual contemporary whites that are often found throughout the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Instead, this project would feature a richness that could easily be felt upon entry.

SJS Interior Design drew inspiration from architecturally designed yin-yang compositions, which essentially focus on harmonised contrasts. We see this in North Bondi Residence through the black trims framing the light and feminine interiors. Hand-finished marmorino walls provide a smooth counterbalance to the opposite white brick wall and natural limestone. Polished concrete floors and oak timber joinery flow in an adversely synchronised way, complementing these bold features.

Bringing together this idyllic home, furnishings exuding pastel hues and natural materials of wood, cane, and marble reflect the coastal location of North Bondi Residence, but with an aesthetic twist, we so rarely get to experience. It’s not your typical raw beachside materials but North Bondi Residence still feels like the coastal getaway one can only dream of.

“Our North Bondi Residence eloquently references our iconic, expansive, white sandy coastlines, providing a calming and enriching space in which to relax, unwind and appreciate the slow and serene lifestyle that this location affords.”

- SJS Interior Design 

And it wouldn’t be a contemporary or coastal home without subtle curves seamlessly making an appearance. From the rounded edges of the stunning island bench and fireplace to the soft, organic forms of the furniture and décor, it's hard to miss the gentle warmth these features contribute to. Much like the soft glow that has been strategically generated using extensive translucent glass and the open-plan living design.

As with all great projects, North Bondi Residence came with its challenges. The home was extremely well planned but with the block being on the smaller side, careful consideration had to take place. Attentive furniture planning and tweaks to the layout were necessary to achieve a space that could comfortably house a busy family of five. These challenges quickly turned into opportunities with the team being able to make resourceful use of each area.  

For example, the dining bench was reduced in width and integrated with the stairs, creating an intimate setting that still allowed for entertaining. Incorporating a wall-to-wall concrete bench from the living room to the dining and kitchen areas also worked to optimise space while ensuring cohesion and connection. 

Specialising in highly detailed, beautiful, and bespoke interiors, SJS Interior Design has been creating innovative projects, like North Bondi Residence, throughout Australia for nearly a decade. But this project holds unique value to the SJS Interior Design team, and we’re not just referring to their shortlisted position in the 2023 Australian Interior Design Awards (Residential Design). The developer, who also happens to be the homeowner, is a longtime client of SJS Interior Design, so the project felt personalised from the start. The first meeting was held in the Byron Bay studio, where the team felt it really set the tone for presenting the idyllic contemporary coastal design, which was also inspired by the Byron Bay lifestyle.

From the strategic layout to the innovative décor and immersive atmosphere, North Bondi Residence is truly a masterpiece. If you’re feeling inspired, why not pop your vision onto canvas using our mood board tool.

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