Your Guide To Achieving a Coastal Bathroom | 7 Design Ideas

Bright, airy spaces, light wood accents, soft tones, and tranquil whites. It’s hard to go past a classic coastal bathroom design. It’s a trend that’s taken the interior design world by storm. Luckily, this popular style isn’t just reserved for homes by the beach or even your favourite designer. You can create a dream coastal bathroom design within your home, the trick is to just know the essential elements. So, come with us as we dive into what makes this trend so special and just how you can achieve a coastal bathroom design.

Image credit: @sage.and.cove@villastyling

Image credit: @sage.and.cove@villastyling

Image credit: @sage.and.cove@villastyling

What is Coastal Interior Design?

The coastal interior design trend has been around for a long time. It originated in beachside homes and holiday houses as a reflection of the surroundings but has since become a way of bringing natural tranquility into the home. Coastal interiors often focus on soft furnishings, neutral tones, and raw materials, but as the trend continues to grow, exciting new elements are taking part. 

If you’ve been following interior design trends lately, you’d be familiar with the ever-so-popular coastal bathroom style. But what makes this trend so special? Well, luckily, we have the answer. Certain trends become (and remain) popular for their aesthetic appeal and how they make someone feel. The coastal style has continued to be a favourite within Australian homes as it not only encourages personal inspiration but creates a calming space. And who doesn’t want to feel totally at peace the second they step through the door? So, with that being said, let’s dive into how you can achieve an ultimate coastal bathroom design.

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Maximising Natural Light

Having a naturally bright area is an essential element within a coastal bathroom design. Think big, open windows that let in fresh air and natural light. Bringing in nature this way adds to the overall aesthetic of your bathroom and that serene feeling. However, if you’re not looking to complete a total renovation but still want to achieve that bright feel, try opting for features that don’t block light. For example, glass shower screens and minimalist mirrors will reflect any amount of light that enters the bathroom and will help the space to feel more open. 

Tip: With any artificial lighting, we also recommend sticking with warm, white bulbs to really bring out the accents of your palette and mimic natural light. 

A Refreshing Coastal Style Palette

Picture your favourite coastal spot and think about the colours. In the past, coastal interiors have often been a light, subtle palette with a focus on whites. But now the style is drawing inspiration from more individual experiences. For example, the spot you pictured earlier might be drenched in blues, greens, and even beiges. These tones work to complement the bright whites and flow within your space. For example, why not opt for a coloured vanity or even a featured wall tile, like the Aquarelle Turquoise tile from Amber. 

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Coastal Bathroom Design Vanities 

Your vanity has a bit of versatility when it comes to a coastal bathroom design. Whether it be wall-hung or floor-standing or feature above counter basins, there are a few types to choose from. With the coastal bathroom style, it’s best to keep the vanity simple, but this doesn’t mean boring. As mentioned above, you could paint the cabinets a fresh colour or even opt for a textured element like the fluted timber featured on the Marquis Bay Wall Hung Vanity from The Blue Space. Either way, opting for a classic design with a bit of personality is a go-to.

Elevate Your Coastal Bathroom With Tiles

Tiles are a gorgeous addition to any bathroom, especially a coastal style bathroom. We’re a fan of the classic white toned tiles, but if you’re looking to elevate your space with current trends, why not opt for a textured tile? We love the Unique Travertine from Di Lorenzo Tiles or Raku White Tile from Tile Republic. Both products add a little something extra to your bathroom without competing with the space. Patterned tiles, like the Contrasti Havana Celadon from Amber, can also work to really bring in that ocean feel while adding visual interest.  

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Coastal Bathroom Mirrors 

Mirrors are essential in all bathrooms, that goes without saying. So, which mirror style is ideal in a coastal bathroom design? Curves! Mirrors with rounded edges will soften your space while keeping it fresh and visually interesting. The Elsa Oak Arch Mirror from Mocka adds that softly curved element and a little bit of extra light detailing that can feel cohesive with other features within a coastal bathroom design.

Coastal Bathroom Tapware

Tapware is the ultimate accessory for a coastal bathroom design. It just adds that extra element of luxe to that essential functionality. As we’ve mentioned, coastal style really does have a lot of versatility, including the tapware you choose. Most colours and styles can complement your space nicely, but lately, we’ve been loving a brushed brass accent, like the Kingsley Mixer & Spout from ABI Interiors. There’s something just so sophisticated about its subtle luxury and the way it stands out without being overbearing in a coastal bathroom design. 

Coastal Style Décor For Your Bathroom

It wouldn't be an ultimate coastal bathroom design without décor. Often when people think coastal style décor, they automatically opt for coral or shell features. Now don’t get us wrong, we love a classic feature, but with the coastal style evolving, we’re seeing a lot of different décor ideas. Such as natural pieces like the Elme Living Karson Stool. Natural materials are a key element in coastal style, and it’s easy to add through décor.

Or maybe you’re looking to bring a bit of depth in with a piece of art, like the Silver Coast by Gioia Wall Art. Pair your décor pieces with your favourite hand soap and you have the ultimate coastal bathroom design.

So, there you have it, all our best tips and tricks to achieving a much-loved coastal bathroom design. If you’re feeling inspired to begin creating your own dream bathroom, why not let our mood board tool bring your vision to life? Or if you’re looking for more motivation, check out our community’s mood boards here.