Elsa Oak Arch Mirror

Elsa Oak Arch Mirror


$ 99.95


Mocka Furniture



Product Description

The Elsa Oak Arch Mirror is a stunning oak wood mirror in an on-trend arch shape to help soften and brighten any bedroom, entryway, living room and or other space in your home. Both decorative and functional, this arch wooden mirror helps create the illusion of more space in a room and will easily brighten a room by reflecting the available natural light. Perfect for hanging on a wall, this arch mirror with oak frame is the ideal surface to give yourself the once-over before leaving the house or when getting ready in the morning. The gorgeous arch profile looks stunning when placed over a console table, dresser or other piece of bedroom or home furniture. We love the on-trend arch design which adds a soft element into any modern home. A great way to bring a balance of curves and lines into a space, this arch mirror looks striking on a wall and gives you an option for a mirror that is a little more unique. Framed in a thick blonde, oak frame, this mirror showcases the beautiful grains of the wood and adds warm, natural style to a room. Add the feeling of space into your home with the Elsa Oak Arch Mirror.



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