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If you’re considering renovating, or a new build is on the cards for the near future, then you’ll have to start thinking about your home’s exterior. Deciding on a style, palette, and features are all important factors, but then you also have to think about your location. So, getting to know your exterior is an essential part of the process. To learn more about this topic, we’re sitting down with the team at Brickworks. Come with us as we discover important factors, exciting styles, and quality materials to consider for your next project.

Firstly, it’s important to understand any regulations your location may have. Some local areas will have character codes and estates may have covenants. It’s best to first research these as they might influence the choices you make when it comes to your exterior façade.

Choosing Your Exterior Façade Style

Style is usually the best (and most fun) place to start when getting to know your exterior. Essentially, it’s all about how you want your façade to look and feel. Will you opt for a classic Hamptons look? Maybe a striking contemporary exterior? Or even a laid-back coastal design to create that holiday-at-home vision. We’re sure you’ve already got some incredible ideas in mind, but it’s important to note the style you pick will set the tone for the entirety of your exterior. From the palette to the features and even the landscape, the style you choose may just be the most important decision. 

“Get the look you want with our whole house solutions. We’re making our exterior options more flexible, simple to install, and beautiful.”

- Milly Picken | Group Brand and Communications Manager

Façade Solutions To Suit

The style you choose for your exterior will also define what materials you use. Luckily, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to façade options. From bricks to masonry blocks and feature stone walls, the solutions are endless. Plus, they come in a variety of tones and colours to suit your dream look. The type of materials you choose will again depend on varying factors beyond style. Think about your location, the climate, and any physical surrounding factors.

Tip: When choosing your exterior palette, try to stick to three colours that complement each other. For example, if you’re opting for a Hamptons-style façade, your palette will be a mix of fresh-feeling whites, creams, and muted blues. 

Mood board created by Brickworks, on Style Sourcebook. View mood boards here.    

Mood board created by Brickworks, on Style Sourcebook. View mood boards here.    

Exterior Features That Complement

Getting to know your exterior also means getting to know every detail of your façade. This includes your garage door, roofing materials, driveway, eaves, and windows. The palette and materials used for these aspects also need to complement each other. Our advice? Think about colour matching. For example, select a few features that can be installed in the same colours, materials, or even both. Such as the garage door, window trimmings, and fascia or a design feature, like a pillar, and a structural wall. This will create cohesion without the exterior feeling flat.

We hope you feel like you know your exterior better already. Why not check out Brickworks' full range of products here, or download their façade flyer here. To start creating your dream exterior, visit our mood board tool here.