Building Bold Exteriors with Brickworks’ New Arrivals

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Style Sourcebook Profile: Brickworks

It’s no secret Australians build their homes to be seen. From experimenting with moody façades to gorgeous contemporary designs and interesting architectural features, it's evident that we love a bold exterior. A longtime staple of bold Australian exteriors are bricks, and for a good reason. They’re durable, made from natural materials, and sustainable, meaning that not only do they look good but they’re great for the environment as well. Bricks have also evolved over time and moved with the trends but have continued to maintain their quality status. So, with this in mind, we’re sitting down with Brickworks to discover the latest trends by exploring their newest arrivals in the B23 collection.

Austral Bricks 

If you’re thinking bold, think Austral Bricks. Each range within Austral Bricks has been created to embody rich and raw earthy tones with a touch of contemporary style. The ranges bring elements of texture, colour, and rhythm, but all offer something unique. For example, the Pottery Blend has been created in a slim-line format with inspiration taken from ancient cities and sculptural art - perfectly designed to complement bold, contemporary architecture. 

Mood board created by Brickworks, on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.   

Mood board created by Brickworks, on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.   

GB Masonry 

Meet GB Aura, the newest masonry block to join the range. Recycled glass and aggregate have been utilised in the composition of the block, making it both sustainable and visually interesting. The flecks seen within the GB Aura range add a slight boldness that won’t overwhelm your space but will still establish a touch of character. And with four varied sizes, you can get creative with the layout of the blocks, adding further interest.

"Boldly innovative and created using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, our new bricks, roof tiles, and masonry and stone ranges will be sure to inspire your next project.”

- Milly Picken, Group Brand and Communications Manager | Brickworks


The UrbanStone pavers bring us new and exciting collections that are soft to feel and look at. All collections incorporate touches of nature, from both land and sea. And much like the brick ranges, each one brings its own element of uniqueness. The Cottesloe Milled collection takes inspiration from the great Australian landscape with soft shell-like off-white and muted charcoal tones. Other collections, like the Rottnest Shot Blast, undergo a process that removes the top surface layer, increasing slip resistance while remaining soft underfoot and stylish. Each paver not only serves a purpose within your home but adds a distinctive touch that is sure to impress. 

Bristle Roofing 

While we’re on the topic of exterior façades, let’s talk roofing. Within the B23 collection sits the latest additions to the Bristle Roofing Light Collection. Two new elegant colours have been added in natural tones that seamlessly work with the home, no matter its location. From the beach to rural towns and urban settings, the light collection will add a touch of softness to your home's exterior, complementing its boldness. 

We hope you’re just as excited about Brickworks’ newest arrivals as we are. To view the entire B23 collection, visit here, or start visualising your bold exterior ideas using our mood board tool here.