A Guide To Creating Your Ultimate Backyard

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We’re sure you don’t need the reminder, but the end of the year can feel like a pretty crazy time. Between Christmas shopping, school holidays and last minute tasks, we’re definitely kept busy. Luckily, the end of the year also means we’re spending more time outdoors with friends and family. Summer is the perfect excuse to invite loved ones over for a long, lazy lunch or even a laid back drink. As we welcome the longer days, we’re sure you’ll be stepping outside to soak up the weather, play with your kids and just unwind in your own backyard. 

But how do you create an outdoor area that does it all plus more? Brickworks has created a guide for achieving your ultimate backyard. We explore the key areas of their inspirational tips and the idea of creating dedicated zones that will transform your space.


The first thing we think of when creating the ultimate backyard is a space for entertaining and nothing brings people together more than a siesta-worthy meal. Before you fire up the classic BBQ, why not try to elevate this space and create an outdoor dining zone? An outdoor dining zone perfectly blends practicality with comfort to create an inviting area that will steal the kitchen’s title as heart of the home. 

Tip: Your alfresco doesn’t just have to be a summer lunch spot. Including elements such as a fire pit or heating creates an outdoor area that can be used year round. 

“Lately we’ve all come to understand, perhaps more than ever, just how important our outdoor spaces are. Whether you’re working from home, relaxing, or (with time) entertaining, our gardens can do it all and homeowners are keen to maximise on usable space to accommodate this. Outdoor kitchens are an accessible way to expand living spaces while embracing our surroundings and reconnecting with nature.”

- Milly Picken, Group Brand and Communications Manager
 Brickworks Building Products

Mood board credit by Brickworks, on Style Sourcebook, view mood board here

Mood board credit by Brickworks, on Style Sourcebook, view mood board here


Life is about the simple luxuries and we think your backyard should be too. Creating a dedicated drinks zone in your outdoor area is the perfect way to achieve laid back luxury. It’s an intimate space for loved ones to sit and sip after a good meal or even an area for you to unwind after a long day. This zone elevates your backyard with ease and we’re sure it’ll be a favourite spot throughout summer. 


No backyard would be complete without a space for kids (and adults, of course) to play. Creating a zone dedicated to playing encourages kids to spend time outside. It’s also a great way to bring a lush, natural element into your home and can boost that calming feel of your outdoor area. This space might look different in everyone’s backyard but it’s also a great way to get creative and you can even involve the kids. 

“A harmonious balance between interior and exterior zones is central to the success of the modern Australian home and key to embracing our lifestyle. Outdoor kitchens, dining and entertaining areas are one of the many ways we choose to facilitate this philosophy.”

- Milly Picken, Group Brand and Communications Manager
 Brickworks Building Products


It can be challenging trying to allocate time to relax, so why not make it a little easier? Your outdoor space can become your oasis by incorporating a relaxing zone. Even finding a small nook in your backyard where you can take in the fresh air, greenery or any calming elements you choose to add. It's the perfect spot to reconnect and unwind, plus the timing couldn’t be better with the Christmas rush right around the corner.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to transform your backyard into your dream space. If you’re looking for Brickworks guide on how to create your ultimate backyard, you can view it here. You can also start planning your outdoor area using our mood board tool here.