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Style Sourcebook along with Choices Flooring and Oleander & Finch Interiors presents the Smart Choices Masterclass. 

In this series, we delve into the exciting world of flooring and discover how you can choose the right flooring for your home. The Smart Colour and Design Choices masterclass covers all things you need to consider when making important flooring decisions. We hear from Rhiannon Lee, from Oleander & Finch Interiors, who takes us through her top tips for choosing the best solutions from Choices Flooring. So, come with us as we dive into the first part of the masterclass series.

How Do You Select the Right Flooring?

As flooring is the largest surface area in your home, it’s the first thing you should consider. Picking your flooring first ensures that all other selections, from paint colours to fittings, fixtures, furniture, and décor, will match. Rhiannon’s key to this is undertones. Think about what you want your home to look like once it’s complete. Will it be an Australian Hamptons-style home? Or maybe a maximalist space with bright interiors? The end goal will affect your flooring choice. For example, flooring with a cool undertone will be better suited to a home with coastal-influenced interiors. 

How Does Lighting Affect the Flooring?

Both natural and artificial lighting will play a huge role in how your flooring looks. Lighting will be your biggest concern, and complement within your home, says Rhiannon. So, it’s important to consider every aspect, including natural lighting, such as window placement and skylights, as well as artificial lighting, such as lightbulbs. Rhiannon’s top tip is to take samples home and really move them about the house to see how the light affects the flooring. 

“If you have a room with huge windows the floor can look very different in there compared to around the corner in a dark hallway.”

- Rhiannon | Oleander & Finch Interiors 

Mood board created by Oleander & Finch Interiors on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

Mood board created by Oleander & Finch Interiors on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

How Can You Mix Different Floorings?

Mixing different floorings is a challenge but it’s possible to do, with the right undertones. Like with matching your flooring to your paint and décor, it’s also important to ensure it feels cohesive with other areas within your home. Cool undertones are gorgeous blues, greens and greys, that can be found in products like the Merino Grey Oak. Whereas warmer undertones are oranges, pinks, yellows, and reds, like the Timeless Oak. Matching these styles with flooring that carries the same undertone will allow you to correctly mix and match your floors. Why not visualise your favourite flooring swatches together using our mood board tool here

How Can You Choose Timeless and Classic Flooring? 

Rhiannon’s number one tip for timeless and classic flooring is to stay away from trends. Your flooring must reflect your family now, but also allow for how your life will evolve. So, picking something that is a little simpler in comparison to a trending pattern, will last you for years to come. 

“Keeping things really simple, really neutral and really in line with your own style and what you love. Because if you love it, it will always be classic and timeless.” 

- Rhiannon | Oleander & Finch Interiors 

We hope you enjoyed the Smart Colour and Design Choices masterclass. Keep an eye out for our next topic in the series, Smart Sustainability Choices. If you’re feeling inspired, why not begin creating your next project using our mood board tool here.