10 Spring Home Décor Ideas for a Refresh

We’re already beginning to see the early signs of spring. The weather is warming, flowers are beginning to bloom, and interior design trends are on the move. It’s that exciting time of year when a refresh is very much needed. So, to celebrate the arrival of spring 2023, we’re exploring 10 home décor ideas that are sure to bring the fresh new season into your home. And we promise, no spring cleaning here, only fun home décor ideas filled with vibrant trends, eco-friendly options, and organic elements. Let’s dive in.

Image Credit: @villastyling 

1. Colourful Spring Home Décor 

Colour is always a big part of spring, that’s a given. But in interior design trends this year, we’re seeing an abundance of bright, bold colours. This means it's time to really indulge in those vibrant pieces, whether that be through home décor like a vase, a fresh lick of paint or even brilliant new furniture like the Alden Sofa in Velvet Steel Blue from Urban Road. This spring, it’s all about the bolder, the better.

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Mood board created by Foxtrot Interiors on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

Mood board created by Lisa Hunter Interiors on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

2. Finding Irregular Shapes in Spring Home Décor 

Incorporating irregular shapes within your home décor is a visually interesting way of adding an organic touch. Irregular shapes mimic the rounded edges often found within nature and are perfect for an alternative way of bringing in the outdoors this season. We love the Jetta Wall Mirror from Elme Living as its smooth form is perfect for refreshing spring décor. Plus, mirrors are the ultimate functional pieces of décor and can easily elevate any space. It’s a win-win.

Image credit: @sage.and.cove@villastyling 

Image credit: @sage.and.cove@villastyling 

3. Natural Spring Home Décor Elements

Bringing the outdoors in is not a new concept, but it has evolved into a full-fledged design philosophy known as biophilic design. This trend emphasises the connection between humans and nature by incorporating natural elements into interiors. From organic home décor to indoor plants, the aim is to create environments that promote well-being and tranquility. Biophilic design also includes ample natural light and the strategic use of natural materials like stone and wood. 

4. Sustainable Spring Home Décor 

The importance of sustainability continues to shape interior design choices. Now more than ever eco-friendly materials have taken centre stage. From reclaimed wood furniture to recycled glass accents, homeowners are opting for pieces that align with their values. Spring is the perfect time to add sustainable home décor to your space. Organic textiles like linen and hemp are gaining popularity for their natural textures and minimal environmental impact, reflecting a conscious shift towards an eco-friendlier lifestyle. 

Mood board created by Kayla Jordan Bailey on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

Mood board created by Flawless Interiors Melbourne on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

5. Light and Airy Spring Home Décor 

Speaking of organic textiles, replacing, or removing heavy fabrics with softer alternatives will help your space to feel lighter. Pop away winter home décor items, like bulky blankets, and opt for fresh feeling throws. We also recommend adding strategic items, like these Sheer Curtains from dollar curtains + blinds, to easily allow natural light and fresh air to flow into your home. 

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6. Spring Inspired Home Décor Artwork

As mentioned above, colourful home décor will be a huge part of this season’s interior design. One of the easiest and most exciting ways of adding a pop of colour is through art. Art can breathe new life into any space, especially when you opt for something vibrant and bursting with character. Plus, art is so versatile and unique meaning there’s a perfect piece for every space, no matter the style or palette. We love Poppies and Picnics from Gioia Wall Art. This print just exudes spring vibes and has us so excited for the warmer weather. 

Mood board created by Black Koi Design Studio on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

Mood board created by Eliza Grace Interiors on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

7. Feminine Spring Home Décor 

Feminine interior design has received a big upgrade thanks to the rise of Barbiecore. But based on industry trends, spring is going to accelerate feminine interior design even more. So, you can expect to see feminine home décor pieces popping up everywhere this season including cool marbles, gold accents, and soft materials. Pieces such as the Ellie Marble Round Coffee Table from L3 Home which effortlessly showcase the beauty in feminine interiors.

8. Outdoor Spring Home Décor 

For the sake of stating the obvious, with spring comes the warmer weather, so why are we pointing this out? Well home décor doesn’t just stop and start internally; you also must consider your exterior when it comes to a spring refresh. Many alfrescos can go a little neglected in the cooler months, which means it time to start considering the outdoor home décor upgrades. Nothing elevates an external space than fresh additions such as lanterns and greenery in stylish pots, like the Harvey Planter Pot from Kincumber Mitre 10.

9. Spring Home Décor Lighting

The season of spring is often associated with everything light and bright. So, spring lighting should reflect this image in a warm, organic way. Your home décor lighting should feel natural, even if it's artificial. This can be altered in three main ways, the positioning, the bulbs you use, and the lights you choose. If you have mainly overhead lighting, adding feature lights is a simple way of softening the space to get that refreshing spring feel. We also recommend using warm white bulbs, especially in living spaces. We also love the idea of feature pendant lights, like the CLA Modern Cage Dome from Lighting Illusions. This one also adds a soft curve to the space, ticking more than one spring home décor box.

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10. Creating Calm Through Spring Home Décor 

Spring is the perfect time to create a calm space through your home décor. The season itself is about freshness, so, it’s the perfect time to really look into how your space serves you. Our advice? Opt for home décor that feels warm, welcoming and above all, creates a space you want to be. It’s all about picking pieces that are going to refresh and bring new life to your home.

Décor is such a valuable component of any home. It can completely change the look and feel of your space, so we hope we’ve inspired you to bring a little spring refresh into your home. Before bringing your vision to life, why not pop your ideas onto canvas using our mood board tool here.