How to Bring The Barbiecore Trend Into Your Home

If you’ve been on social media lately then you would be familiar with the vibrant new ‘Barbiecore’ trend. We definitely have Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie to thank for the rise of bright pinks and dreamhouse-like interiors, but femininity has always been a much-loved trend within the interior design industry. And as we shift into an era of self-expression through interiors, it's likely you’ll notice feminine interiors more and more. But to get in on this trend doesn’t mean you have to go full Barbie dreamhouse (of course unless you want to!). There are some really gorgeous ways to bring feminine interiors into your home in a more subtle, everyday way. So, come with us as we explore how you can bring the Barbiecore trend into your home through feminine interiors.

Image credit: The Calile HotelSean Fennessy 

What is Feminine Interior Design?

Feminine interior design is a style characterised by its softness, sophistication, and gorgeous palette. It often features pastel tones, curved lines, luxurious fabrics, and gentle details. This design approach creates spaces that exude serenity and of course, visual interest. Feminine interior design is often found to minimise the effects of masculinity within the home which is often reflected through straight, sharp lines and darker tones. 

Mood board created by The Cottage Collector on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

Mood board created by Urban Road on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

1. Combining Your Feminine Interiors

Feminine interior design is a unique and sophisticated style on its own, but it may be a little overwhelming if the only goal on your brief is femininity. We love seeing projects combine various styles with touches of feminine interiors. Think modern-style homes with natural pops of pink and soft curves, or maximalist spaces with bright pink bathroom tiles. We love the way colours, especially pink, can be brought into a space to highlight, soothe, or even enhance interior design styles.  

2. Subtle Feminine Interior Palettes

Subtle palettes are such a fun and easy way to incorporate feminine interiors into your home. Opting for pastels and muted hues gives you so much opportunity to create a gorgeous space that won't overwhelm you. We love the warm pinks in this Marloe Floral Distressed Rug from Miss Amara. It's the perfect tone for everyday living while still adding a divine feminine touch. 

Image credit: @casablanca_brookwater

Image credit: @casablanca_brookwater

3. Natural Feminine Interiors

Take your subtle palette to the next level and incorporate it into your home through natural pieces. Organic touches can also be incredibly feminine, so by opting for something in a natural tone, you’ll get a gorgeous statement piece that will add to the look and feel of your space. We love the Fusion Rose Marble from CDK Stone that immediately adds a chic boldness. Plus, being such a versatile piece, this marble is sure to be the highlight of your feminine interiors.

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Mood board created by Olivia Owen Interiors on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

4. Feminine Interior Textures

Textures play a crucial role in feminine interiors, after all, the goal is to achieve both a soft look and feel. Opting for luxurious materials that are both physically and aesthetically smooth, like silk and marble adds tactile dimension. The aim is to also layer these pieces throughout your home to elevate comfort and interest.

5. Feminine Interior Décor  

One of the easiest ways of adding vibrancy to your space is through décor. Think cushions, vases, and artwork, like the Botanical Blooms from Boho Art & Styling. These pieces are versatile in the sense that they bring in those feminine tones, without totally overpowering your space. Plus, one of the best things about feminine décor is that it’s completely personal to you. 

Think about feminine décor as a certain palette to aim for, rather than a specific look. So, don’t be afraid to get creative with your décor. Our only advice is to think about how these pieces will suit your existing space. Why not place your décor onto our mood board tool to visualise how each piece will flow before bringing it to life? 

6. Feminine Interior Feature Piece

If you’re not a fan of a feminine palette (no matter the shade of pink) but you’re still looking to add a little femininity to your space, why not opt for a feature piece? Choosing a feminine piece of furniture can completely change the dynamic of a room, like the Decker Boucle sofa from James Lane. The smoothness of the curves and the richness of the texture will add a soft look and feel. Combining this with other similar elements will allow the eye to easily travel around the room in a calm, sophisticated way. 

7. Soft Feminine Interior Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the tone for any interior design style, especially one where you’re looking to add ambiance like feminine interiors. Choose soft and diffused lighting options, such as chandeliers, like the Waldorf Crystal Ball, or pendant lights, like the Prita Light Pendant. These lighting choices create a warm and inviting atmosphere that complements the overall feminine interiors.

8. Floral Feminine Interiors

Bringing nature indoors is a key aspect of feminine interior design. The best way to do this is through floral elements, like arrangements, potted plants, and even botanical prints, like the Hawaiian Mornings Wallpaper from Boho Art & Styling. The beauty of flowers adds a charming and revitalising touch to your feminine interiors. 

Tip: There’s also the option to incorporate your favourite flora artificially. It will still add those natural, refreshing elements without the upkeep. We love the Peony Juliana Bouquet from Elme Living.

Mood board created by Studio Smith Interiors on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

Mood board created by The Whole Room on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

9. Balancing Feminine Interiors

As we discussed earlier, feminine interiors have always been well-loved within the design industry. From beautiful lace features to soft pinks and florals, feminine interiors have never really gone out of style. So, blending vintage and contemporary elements can work to create a harmonious balance within your feminine space. We love the idea of adding antiques, such as a vintage vase, with your favourite modern pieces, like the Palemo Coffee Table from L3 Home. 

There’s definitely an art to bringing feminine interiors into your home in a subtle yet sophisticated way. But through a gorgeous palette, soft curves, and delicate details, it’s sure to bring a touch of Barbiecore your space. If you’re feeling inspired, why not put your visions onto canvas using our mood board tool.