Tour Athea; An Organic Modern Dream Home

Welcome to Athea, an organic modern home that is a dreamy vision of soft interiors. Described as monochromatic, tonal, and neutral, this project provides a fresh perspective on minimalist design. Full creative freedom was given to Ashley Maddison, founder of AM Interior Studio, with the only request being for the home to feel feminine, light, and warm, like stepping into a hotel upon arrival. With The Calile Hotel acting as the muse, Athea was created. 

The house boasts incredible elements that complement each other, such as custom curves, subtle feminine details, and a tranquil palette. Splashes of raw, organic tones, textured surfaces, and modern features make an appearance throughout the space to add depth, character, and functionality. Athea truly is a dream home and we’re lucky enough to take a tour with Ashley to learn about her inspiration behind the project, the breathtaking features, and the AM Interior Studio design process. 

Image Credit: Jacob Jon Photographer

Image Credit: Jacob Jon Photographer

Hi Ashley, thanks for sitting down with us, we’re excited to chat with you! Can you tell us a little bit about AM Interior Studio?

AM Interior Studio is a Brisbane-based interior design studio offering fully resolved interior solutions within the residential sector. We create custom interiors for new builds and large renovations and are directly involved in the process from concept to completion. Our core belief is that the interiors should uplift our lives and not inhibit them. 

We aim to make the design and build process positive and memorable for our clients so communication and transparency are essential, and our clients can be involved as much or as little as they want. The individuality of the client’s style and home is the driving factor for each project, which is why all our designs are distinctive and refreshing.

In terms of the Athea house, I was engaged to create an interior that was cohesive and refined. This included designing all the joinery, specifying the plumbing and electrical fixtures, nominating the interior and exterior colours and finishes, and sourcing the furniture to suit the house.

“Given full creative freedom, I went about designing an interior that inspired and took risks.” 

- Ashley Maddison | Founder of AM Studio Interior

AM Athea House is absolutely gorgeous, what was your inspiration behind this project?

The brief was very minimal with the client giving me full creative freedom. The only guidance the client gave was that he wanted it to look feminine, light, and warm with a soft palette. Not masculine in any way. He mentioned that he would love for his house to feel as if he was living in a hotel, like The Calile Hotel in Fortitude Valley. 

How would you describe the style of the project?

Athea is monochromatic, tonal, sculptural, and neutrally minimalist, with influences of soft, organic, and feminine details. We wanted to present a luxurious home, so the design and materials chosen best represent that.

We love the curves and texture used throughout the space, can you tell us a little bit about these features?

Curves are the best way to soften a standard four-wall interior. The curves are carried from the architecture right through to the interiors and settle in the formation of the personalised furniture pieces. Each piece, whether it’s the curved backrest of the bar stool or the matte finish of the travertine crazy pave, plays a part in this textural, sculptural retreat

Why was a neutral palette so important for AM Athea House?

A soft-hued palette was the perfect solution for meeting the client's desire for light and femininity within the home. The client has a busy stressful career so coming home to this with a mix of gentle curves and organic forms creates a calm escape from the everyday tension.

What’s your favourite feature of the space?

It would have to be the natural stone selected mixed with the geometric lines and gentle curves. As individual pieces, the stone slabs are bold but combining them with the tonal travertine and clean lines of the joinery created a soft yet refreshing presence. The tones of the arch mosaic tiles blended in well with the bold natural stones as well. They create movement and character. They are statement pieces inviting dimension and sophistication into the home.

I enjoyed specifying all the furniture for the home too. Having control of the furniture selections meant I could carry through the curves and sculptural pieces further to complete/balance the interiors - we wanted furniture that celebrated the space. The inspiration behind the furniture selections came from the natural stone within that area. The bold agaves and burnt caramel tones in the wine bar space were colours found within the green Cristanza natural stone. This same notion has also been carried throughout the house.

We hope you’re feeling inspired by Ashley, AM Interior Studio, and the Athea project. If you’re looking for a little more inspiration on how to create your own holiday-at-home space, check out our mood board tool here.