The Calile Hotel | A Chic and Stylish Hotel Located in Sunny Brisbane

Photographer: Sean Fennessy

The Calile Hotel located in Brisbane is Australia’s first urban resort. Nestled amongst the city streetscape, The Calile Hotel was designed to make you feel like you have escaped to a tropical destination, without having to venture too far out from the city. Its minimalist design allows space for the mind to unwind, imagine and reset from the busyness of the world. This heavenly luxury hotel is comprised of 7 levels, 164 rooms, 1 amphitheater, 7 cabanas, 2 private rooftop terraces and it even has its own clock tower. With each space within the hotel offering a slightly different experience, there is no doubt that this Australian urban retreat is up there with one of Australia’s most sought-after holiday destinations. So with that in mind, let’s talk a tour shall we?   

The hotel was designed by Richards & Spence Architects. Designed with the utmost intentionality in mind, each room is positioned to capture natural breezes and the sun’s golden glow. The outdoor areas and laneways were designed to pay nod to the surrounding landscape, making you feel connected to the world beyond the hotel’s walls. A lot of inspiration was taken from international hotels, such as hotels located in Miami, Palm Springs, Rio De Janeiro and Mexico City. This can be seen through the use of white bricks and curved architectural elements, which are accented with the use of marble, brass and light timber.

The hotel's interior colour palette is fresh, slightly playful, and crisp. Venturing beyond the somewhat typical use of white, the rooms feature hues of blush pink, blue and olive green, giving a calming and luxe feel. The natural finishes of the timber and marble complement the playful palette, adding to the zen and calm aesthetic the hotel offers. One of our favourite design aspects of the hotel is the clever design of the floorplan in the bedrooms. Rather than having the bathroom separate from the rest of the room, the beautiful bathrooms are on display and act as more of an extension and feature in the bedroom. From the beautiful brass tapware to the round freestanding bath, these spaces definitely scream bathroom goals.

"The Calile Hotel invites you to exhale. The history, the architecture, the design and the team together make it a sanctuary".

- Nick Earles 


More than simply a place to stay, The Calile Hotel also offers functions rooms for corporate events and weddings, a spa for those who enjoy a bit of a pamper, and a lobby shop, which the hotel has named ‘A Museum of Small Things’. This was cleverly incorporated into the hotel to offer guests an opportunity to purchase something so that whenever they use, wear, or admire them it will evoke the feeling and memories made at The Calile Hotel. So, whether you simply want to get away for a bit of reprieve, or want a stylish place to host your next event, The Calile Hotel awaits you.