Ellie Marble Round Coffee Table, White & Polished Gold

Ellie Marble Round Coffee Table, White & Polished Gold


$ 729.00


L3 Home


L3 Home

Product Description

Marble and steel will forever be intertwined in a timeless romance. There is something about the combination that inspires beauty through simplicity. The Ellie Coffee Table is no exception to the rule, as the ember gold stainless steel frame boldly complements that luxe white marble. Such gentleness, yet filled with confidence. Ground your home with timeless beauty with the Ellie Coffee Table. Additional Information Marbles vary in types and appearances. Carrara marble is white in colour with fine blue or grey feathery veining. The veining pattern is linear and soft in appearance. Due to organic nature, no two pieces will be the same. Light yellow stains may be present due to natural oxidization.




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