Unitex X Darren Palmer | Introducing the Darren Palmer Rug Collection

In Partnership With: Unitex

Style Sourcebook Profile: Unitex Rugs

Photographer: The Palm Co.

The highly anticipated rug collection between Unitex and Darren Palmer is here. The divine range is nothing short of breathtaking as it showcases the renowned quality of Unitex combined with Darren Palmer’s iconic style. It stands as no surprise that two pillars within the design industry would create a range that ticks all the boxes. Inspired by the Australian landscape, each rug in this collection is predominantly comprised of eco-friendly materials, and is durable and luxurious. 

We’re very excited to share that Style Sourcebook sat down with Darren Palmer to chat about this dynamic partnership and exciting launch. So, come with us as we explore the new collection, discover the meaning behind the rugs, and learn what style means to Darren Palmer. 

Hi Darren, thanks for sitting down with us! Firstly, we’d love to know what “style” means to you? 

Style doesn’t mean ‘trend’, it really is subjective to everyone. It’s about creating things you perceive to be stylish, which is a personal journey. For example, when designers are creating interiors for other people, they need to understand the psychology behind why they want, what they want. Understanding ‘why’ is key to discovering the solution for the client's style. 

Congratulations on your first rug collection with Unitex! What does this partnership mean to you?

It’s another segment within my brand, which is super exciting. It’s something different I can bring to the interior design world. It’s amazing to bring in a range of rugs that are high quality and made from both natural or recycled materials with a beautiful environmental story. Plus they’re beautifully aesthetic. We refined the range and ended up with the current collection that features an array of different looks that fit in different spaces and styles.

“The collection is an incredibly curated range that achieves different purposes. Not every rug is perfect for every solution but there’s a rug for every scenario.”

- Darren Palmer 

How does this partnership with Unitex align with your own brand aesthetics?

It’s a response to my own brand aesthetics, that’s the thing, it’s not a one-sided partnership. Unitex have a fantastic team which are experts in creating, manufacturing, and distributing rugs. When we developed this collection it really was geared to my overall style and aesthetic. It’s definitely a symbiotic collaboration, their expertise in the field, and my aesthetic direction.

We love the inspiration of the Australian landscape used within the rugs; can you tell us a little bit about why natural elements are important within the home, and how it’s showcased through the collection?

My goal was always for the rugs to reflect natural elements, and Unitex wanted the collection to reflect me, so we ended up with a range inspired by the landscape of Australia. I wanted a neutral foundation that worked across many different styles and homes. There’s an indoor outdoor rug in the collection, which I absolutely love. It’s so great to have a durable option that suits the Australian lifestyle as well. And up close, it’s beautiful in terms of tactility, pattern, and interest. 

What was the design process behind curating this rug collection?

Unitex and I sat down with a lot of samples and went through each one to ensure we were bringing something unique to the collection in each rug. We didn't want to tell the same story twice, but had to still aim for cohesion. 

We love the rich texture of these rugs; can you tell us why texture is so important in interior design?

My aesthetic started with texture. If you look at my earlier work there’s a lot of texture and not much colour. As I’ve evolved I’ve learned to see and use colour within my interiors, but textures are still so important. Especially pattern through texture, like the rug collection where you have a lot of interesting tonal variations, making them a fantastic base. 

Mood board created by Darren Palmer on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

Mood board created by Darren Palmer on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

Which rug in the collection is your favourite?

I’d have to say the ‘Travertine Brown’! It’s this beautiful reddy brown colour with lots of off-white within it. It’s definitely got a lot of textural and coloured contrasts. There’s also a grey version if the brown is too warm for some people. We wanted to create this wide spectrum of both warm and cool tones so that people weren’t forcing rugs into spaces that wouldn’t work. 

Can you tell us why visualising Unitex rugs on a mood board is such an important part of the styling process?

I do everything on mood boards, it’s such an important part of my projects because often I don’t have the option to make changes once a decision is made. Everything from the sofas to the rugs to the chairs and decor goes on my mood boards. 

For example, rugs relate to other aspects of the space, like art and soft furnishings, they’re often the anchor point for the room. So, being able to first visualise them on a mood board is so important.

What are your top tips for styling rugs within the home?

There’s two approaches you can take when it comes to styling a rug. The first is aiming for a textural, simple base. A rug can play into the overarching scheme of a more muted or relaxed palette. Or, they can be dramatic, just like art. You can use decor and soft furnishings to relate to the rug, making it a statement. 

Scale is also so important. I find people are often intimidated by the size of rugs. So, my rule is the rug needs to be big enough for the front legs of the seating furniture to be placed on top. Otherwise, the room can feel disconnected. In terms of choice, choose one that works with your style and is made out of a material that is going to perform the way you need it to perform. For example, indoor outdoor rugs are great for their durability. 

We hope you’ve loved exploring the Unitex X Darren Palmer rug collection. If you’d like to see the complete collection, visit here. If you’re feeling inspired by Darren’s tips, why not pop your visions onto canvas using our mood board tool.