Creating a Statement Dining Room with Attica House

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Dining rooms might just be one of the most popular spaces within your home. They’re used daily for every occasion from homework and family dinners to hosting gatherings. So, with this in mind, when it comes to styling your dining room you want to make sure it leaves a lasting impression. We’re sitting down with Attica House to talk about making a statement in your dining room through furniture and décor that is sure to impress. So, come with us as we dive into the dining room details.

Bold Dining Room Tables

First things first, the most important piece of furniture in your dining room is the table. Tables require a lot of consideration including factors like their functionality, size, and colour, just to name a few. It’s important to take measurements to ensure you're investing in a piece that fits the space perfectly, and once you have this in mind, choosing a table is a lot easier. 

Now comes the best part, selecting a bold style you love. This could be a sleek and contemporary table with a textured fluted base. Or maybe something classic with detailed carvings. The trick is to opt for a dining room table that still complements your interior design style while adding something extra to the space. 

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Striking Dining Room Chairs

Next in line for important furniture pieces is dining room chairs. Like dining room tables, chairs have to be strategically chosen to ensure they fit the space correctly. But again, once you know the height and width of your required chairs, you can dive straight into finding a style that’s sure to captivate. For dining room chairs, we’re currently loving striking designs that add their own interest. Gone are the days of chairs blending in, now they’re made to stand out with their contemporary curves, quality materials, and elegant details. 

Additional Furniture to Elevate

Looking beyond the essentials, other items of furniture can be added to your dining room to complement and elevate the space. Buffet cabinets or sideboards are perfect for adding additional storage while also being statement pieces within your dining room. They can add depth, colour, and a touch of luxury to an area that might feel slightly bare. 

Speaking of storage and luxury, bar carts are an ideal way of elevating your dining room while being an additional source of storage. They’re sophisticated and chic, leaving a lasting impression without taking up too much space, need we say more?


Dining Room Décor

No dining room would be complete without décor, especially when you’re making a statement. Décor is the perfect way to add further texture, colour, and bold luxury to your space. This could be a wall mirror with a striking gold frame, an eye-catching pendant light, vibrant artwork on the wall, or an elegant rug underneath the dining table. 

Our only advice is to choose décor that works to complement the space, rather than complicate it. Opt for pieces in similar tones to achieve cohesion, or try for one focal piece, such as a stand-out art print. This way your space will never feel overcrowded but will still be filled with interest. 

We hope you’re feeling inspired to make a statement within your next dining room project. Explore the entire range of refined and elegant furniture and décor at Attica House. Or, bring your dream space to life using our mood board tool which also features striking products from Attica House.