Refreshing Your Home with Pillow Talk

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There’s something so exciting about a new year. The first few weeks are spent updating routines, reorganising and energising yourself for the year ahead. It’s the perfect time to begin planning those inspiring projects you’ve been thinking about. So, this year, instead of waiting for Spring to revive your space, why not start 2023 with a refresh? Come with us as we chat all things styling with Pillow Talk and learn some creative ways to refresh your home.  

Trendy Florals

If you’ve been watching interior design trends lately, you’ll have noticed vibrant, bold florals popping up everywhere. We’re loving this trend as it’s the perfect way to bring an organic element into your home without any drastic changes. However, having fresh flowers in every room just isn’t realistic for some families - cue the floral print. From bright cushions to immersive artwork and table linens, floral prints are the most versatile way to refresh any space.

Tip: Artificial flowers are also a great option to freshen up a room while being low maintenance - yes, please! 

Personalise Your Colours

Did you know the colour palette of your home can influence your mood? Refreshing your palette can completely change the feel of your home. Opting for warmer tones can evoke feelings of happiness, while cooler tones tend to bring calmness to your space. Our advice? Find the colour palette that best suits your lifestyle and begin incorporating it in a way that motivates you. There’re also ways to refresh your palette without a complete refurbishment. Look for décor, accessories, and small furniture items to make subtle yet stylish upgrades.

Mood Board created by Thediydecorator on Style Sourcebook, view Mood Board here.

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Make It Cohesive

The key to cohesive design is finding the perfect blend of elements that will flow seamlessly and allow functionality. This is a vital element in refreshing your home as a stylish, yet practical space can help with structure. Adding pieces that complement each other will make a huge difference that you’ll feel throughout your home. For example, incorporating a coastal theme doesn’t just have to end in the bathroom or kitchen. It can flow through to the living room and bedroom in the form of linens and blue accents.


The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. It’s no surprise that it’s often referred to as a sanctuary when we spend a third of our lives asleep (or we at least try to). So, as your sanctuary, your bedroom should be the place that brings you bliss and tranquillity. Refreshing your bedroom can be achieved by adding soft, new linen in your favourite colour palette, comfy pillows, protective casing for longevity, cosy furniture and of course, the perfect night’s sleep.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to refresh your home with Pillow Talk’s impressive range of products, which can be viewed here. If you need motivation on how to refresh your home, you can visualise your space with our mood board tool here.