Our Current Carpet Crushes with Bremworth

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Carpet is a much-loved flooring choice for many homes in Australia. Carpet offers a soft touch underfoot, a sense of warmth and adds a textural element to any space in your home. With that being said, there are so many different carpets to choose from and it can be hard to know exactly where to start. With the help of Bremworth, a premium rug and carpet manufacturer, we explore our current carpet crushes to help provide you with a little inspiration for when selecting carpet for your home.

1. Calming, Natural & Earthy Hues

Creating a soothing and tranquil interior is what it’s all about. This means that incorporating carpet colours that are earthy, natural, and calming into your home is a must. According to Bremworth’s Product Developer, “Our soon-to-be-released new carpet colours are all about calming, natural earthy hues. Think flax linen, mushroom, stone, oatmeal and sand. These neutral colours will always stand the test of time and serve as a perfect background for other room elements.”

2. Bring A Sense of The Outdoors In

Green has long been associated with nature, so it's no surprise that it is the new neutral for interiors. From just a hint of sage to deep dark forest greens, green is a great way to bring the feel of the outdoors into our interiors and we believe that it will never go out of style. 

3. Simple Yet Stylish Plush Pile Carpet

A trusted and go-to carpet pile for many interior designers and home enthusiasts is the simple yet stylish plush pile carpet. With its smooth, soft velvety look, it is perfect for both formal and casual areas. It is ideal for spaces where you want a luxurious look and finish. If you’re on the hunt for a stylish plush pile carpet, have a look at Bremworth’s Velluto plush carpets that come in numerous neutral colours.

4. It’s All About Texture

A personal favourite of ours when it comes to carpet is carpets that have a chunky texture. Not only do they feel great underfoot, but they also add a textural layer and sense of character to your room. When asked what their go-to textured carpet is, Bremworth says, “Chunky loop piles, a personal favourite. These are super soft underfoot as well as inviting to lay on. Full of interesting textures, they instantly make a room cosy and alluring. Our Bremworth collection is full of luxurious Felted Chunky Loops”.

5. Be Brave & Make a Statement

Be brave, be bold and make a statement with your carpet choice. If you find a carpet colour that you absolutely love, go for it. While we do love the neutral colours, there is definitely a time and a place to introduce a bold, statement to your home. The rooms where we would suggest being bold in with your carpet colour is a theatre room (a deep navy to add a dramatic feel), bedroom and formal lounge/sitting area. We suggest you make an impact and work your interior furnishings and décor around your carpetAre you up for the challenge?

There you have it, our current carpet crushes that we hope inspires you when it comes to making your carpet decisions. To explore more of Bremworth’s stylish and timeless wool carpets, discover their products here. Bremworth also have a very helpful Colour Matching Guide that you can use as a helpful resource.