The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Japandi Style Home

Let’s talk all things Japandi, the emerging design trend that is taking the interior world by storm, shall we? If you’re anything like us and love interior design trends, then you have probably seen the Japandi style rise in popularity recently and have been a bit curious as to what it is, and how to achieve this style in your home. A combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles, Japandi truly is a beautiful interior design home style that we are totally swooning over. From the calming effect it has, to the warm ambience it depicts, we simply can’t get enough of it. 

So, this is your ultimate guide to creating a Japandi style home, filled with ways to incorporate the trend in your home, alongside inspiration images and mood boards galore. Use a few tips to incorporate a subtle Japandi feel or create the ultimate Japandi style home with all 6 tips – whatever best suits your personal style and situation. 

Image Credit: Jared Rice on Unsplash

What is Japandi Style?

The big question, what does Japandi mean and what is the style all about? Japandi is a dreamy blend of both Japanese and Scandinavian styles and aesthetics (aka Japanese and Scandi). The Japanese style lends itself to Japanese design principles, which have a focus on simplicity, understatement, and natural organic form. It also involves ‘wabi sabi’, which entails seeking beauty in imperfections. Scandi style, (which many of us already know and love) is all about light tones, timbers, and linens. Originating from Scandinavia, Scandi style also focuses on clean functionality and ‘hygge’, which is a lifestyle of comfort and simplicity.

And the result of these two styles that have many similarities? The much-loved Japandi style. A pared-back style with a focus on intentional design and beauty in simplicity, comfort, and natural and neutral elements. This style also has a calming feel to it, which stems from both Japanese and Scandinavian cultures. If you’re a fan of minimal, refined, neutral and natural aesthetics, and an effortless style, then this might be just the design trend for you. Psst, we’ve got the feeling that this design trend is more timeless than ultra-trendy, so it likely can be incorporated into your home for years to come. Phew!

Mood Board created by sarahkheard on Style Sourcebook. View here.

Mood Board created by eunicewjy on Style Sourcebook. View here.

How to Create a Japandi Style Home

1. Use a Japandi Colour Palette

Image Credit: The Palm Co

Image Credit: Sarah Ellison

First of all, let’s get the Japandi colour palette set clear as day (quite literally – there are lots of neutral colours involved). A Japandi colour palette should allure comfort and natural beauty, so a warm neutral colour palette is perfect for this interior style. A muted colour palette will seamlessly integrate into Japandi interior design, as it provides a calm environment that helps us feel grounded and brings an earthy feel.

Think warm whites, beiges, muted greens, and soft greys. An overall monochromatic palette works best, with the addition and combination of soft accents. Pair this with a few variations of timber to bring in different layers and textures - pure bliss!

2. Incorporate Natural Elements

Image Credit: Villa Styling

Image Credit: Villa Styling

To bring the laidback comfort and effortless appeal of the Japandi style, an abundance of natural and organic elements need to be incorporated into your space. Go wild with raw fibres and textures – think timber, stone, bamboo, linen, and plants/flowers. These elements will bring a sense of peace and a tranquil living environment that is coveted by the Japandi style. No matter whether it’s a living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, natural elements can be used in any room.

Bring in the natural environment easily by incorporating furniture in raw materials, whether it be an organic timber coffee table, linen bedhead, or woven pendant light. When choosing these natural elements for your space, always keep in mind and ask yourself whether it will bring a natural feeling, with a minimal yet refined look. If the answer is yes, then you are on the right track to creating a Japandi inspired home!

Mood Board created by Mosaiek Interiors on Style Sourcebook. View here.

Mood Board created by The Cottage Collector on Style Sourcebook. View here.

3. Focus on Minimal and Clean Lines

Image Credit: Daniil Silantev on Unplash

Another way to ensure the Japandi style is incorporated into your home is to have a focus on minimal and clean lines. The idea is to keep it simple and understated, whether that be in terms of furniture, decor or fixtures and fittings. Bring in Japandi interior design by curating a selection of dreamy pieces that have a minimal vibe and clean lines to evoke a sense of tranquillity. Whilst it can be nice to have a few playful elements to your space, mainly focus on structural items that have a simple form. Furthermore, these clean lines will also complement the neutral colour palette and natural elements that is synonymous with the Japandi style.

4. Only Use Purposeful Furniture and Decor Pieces

Image Credit: Sarah Ellison

Image Credit: Sarah Ellison

One of the most important facets of the Japandi style is the strong value of purposeful elements. Not only does this bring a sense of elegance, refinement, and a sleek aesthetic, but it also brings a sense of purpose – a space that has meaning. When using the Japandi style at home, opt for pieces that have both form and function. Always keep in mind that less really is more – there is no need to have something in the space that serves no purpose and is simply just there.

Japandi is all about honouring clever craftsmanship, so make considered purchases for your Japandi space that are intentional and have clever design. This also celebrates a sustainable culture that encourages eco-conscious living and minimising a wasteful lifestyle. 

Mood Board Created by enmariellle on Style Sourcebook. View here.

Mood Board created by Hemko Interiors on Style Sourcebook. View here.

5. Create an Open Space with Natural Light

Image Credit: Sarah Ellison

Have you ever walked into a room and felt overwhelmed as there was just too much going on in the space? Well, remember that feeling and create the opposite. Create a space that feels light, airy, and calm. Ensure this is the case by keeping no clutter around and maintain minimal decor and accessories to not overcrowd the space. Eliminating clutter is a common thread in both Japanese and Scandinavian styles so it is important to keep a tidy space to nail the Japandi style. This will also bring a sense of natural openness that promotes an inviting feeling, all of which is celebrated in Japandi design.

Japandi interior design should also prioritise natural light. Make the most of the natural light in your space by ensuring no windows are blocked and minimal-design curtains or blinds are used. Natural light also opens up the space and brings a warm ambience. In addition to this, utilise warm lighting to further depict this ambience and showcase the Japandi aesthetic by opting for lighting fixtures in soft tonal colours and organic textures and shapes.

6. Use Indoor Plants

Image Credit: Elena Kloppenburg on Unsplash

Image Credit: Villa Styling

Indoor plants and the importance of nature are a common trait in many interior design styles, with Japandi being one of them. Bring a sense of outdoor living into your indoor space to create a peaceful environment. As most of us do not live in a lush green area, add greenery inside through pot plants, flowers and other natural plant elements. Mix and match your indoor plants, each at different eye-levels and in varying pots and baskets. Our favourite? Beautiful tall stems in a natural-inspired vase. This also lends itself well to ‘biophilic design’, which is also a popular design trend at the moment. Also known as ‘bringing nature into your home’, increase your connection to nature by incorporating indoor plants and build a Japandi plant-filled oasis.

Japandi Study Mood Board created by Kahli Jayne Designs on Style Sourcebook. View here.

Japandi Study created by Kahli Jayne Designs

So, there you have it – your ultimate guide to creating a Japandi style home. We hope this home style and design trend makes an appearance in your home and you feel inspired in one way or another. To further refine your Japandi vision, create a mood board or find inspiration from our mood board inspiration section.