Finding What House Style Is Right For You

In Partnership With: Brickworks

Whether you’re currently in the process of building a new home or you’re considering building, we understand that knowing where to start when it comes to deciding on your overall house style can be quite a daunting process. Anyone who has ever built a house can relate to the fact that choosing your building materials and colour palette can often be the hardest part of the build journey. From the endless choices of bricks and facade materials to deciding what overall style and look you’d like your house to entail, it’s safe to say that the sheer number of choices can be a tad overwhelming. With that being said, having a home that reflects your own personal style from the inside out is crucial and makes all the hard work and tireless decisions worth it.

Longueville House. Image Credit: Brickworks. Architecture: Vanessa Wegner Architect

While so many of us focus on the interior of our homes, defining your own personal house style and planning your facade is just as important and deserves the same, if not more focus. This is due to the fact that the facade is really what sets the tone for your whole house. We recently spoke with Brickworks, one of the world’s largest and most diverse building material manufacturers, who shared with us some of their top tips when it comes to defining your own house style. 

“A good starting point for identifying this is to find 10-15 exterior and interior images that you are drawn to. Then, find the commonality between those images. This could be a repetitive colour, texture or general style that will become the blueprint for defining your aesthetic and discovering your design DNA”. 

Once you’ve compiled your inspiration, creating a mood board will help you bring all of those ideas into one centralised place and you can then start selecting which actual materials you’d like to use for your house. 

Image credit: Brickworks. Architecture: Vanessa Yee Architect and Davis Architects. Builder: Belcon Constructions. Landscaping: Nicholas Ward Landscapes. Photography: Andy Macpherson

Image credit: Brickworks. Architecture: Vanessa Wegner Architect

Cream House. Image credit: Brickworks. Architecture: Vanessa Yee Architects and Davis Architects. Builder: Belcon Constructions. Photographer: Andy Macpherson

To make things even easier for you, Brickworks have recently created eight signature colour and material palettes that align perfectly with their most loved house styles, which you can view here. So, even if you have an image of a house that you love but still aren’t quite sure what materials you should choose to achieve that look, you can easily identify which house style you like and see the corresponding colour and material palette you need to follow in order to achieve it (right down to the exact roof tile name, brand and colour - how good is that?!). 

Below, we explore these eight house styles in more detail and give you the run-down on the main elements in each and how you can achieve each of them in your very own home.

Modern Farmhouse

The house style that is well and truly on the rise here in Australia - the Modern Farmhouse. The perfect house style for if you want your home to instantly feel warm, inviting and cozy, yet still feel spacious. The Modern Farmhouse is full of character, all while setting your home up for timeless street appeal.

Image credit: Brickworks. Builder & Designer: Dean Bolger from Castle Glenn Homes

View this Modern Farmhouse mood board here

Classic Hamptons

One of the most beloved house styles in Australia is undoubtedly Classic Hamptons. Known for its timeless, laid-back with a touch of glamour aesthetic, this style is coveted by many. A neutral palette with accents of ocean-inspired hues paired with hints of timber and an abundance of natural light are the key elements in creating this look. To achieve a more modern take on this house style, we suggest combining elements that contrast yet complement each other. 

Image credit: Brickworks. Builder: Beachwood Homes

View this Classic Hamptons mood board here

Palm Springs Modern

Another favourite when it comes to interior architecture and house styles in Australia is the classic Palm Springs Modern house style. Breeze Blocks and statement bricks paired with a subdued palette and a mix of materials are the signature elements when it comes to achieving this look. If you want your house to be a mix of fun and functionality, this house style could be the perfect one for you.

Image credit: Brickworks. Builder: Webb & Brown-Neaves

Popular products to achieve this look are: Terracotta Roof Tile: Bristile Roofing – Curvado in Roja, Brick: Austral Bricks - Sculptured Sands (Opaque) in QuartzRetaining Wall: Austral Masonry – Heron in Limestone


View this Palm Springs Modern mood board here

Natural Contemporary

Speaking to its natural surroundings, the Natural Contemporary house style consists of a gentle palette of nudes, sand and off-whites. The material and colour choices tend to mimic the house's natural surroundings. Organic materials like stone and textured surfaces make quite a statement accented by charcoal elements and natural timbers.

Image credit: Brickworks. Architect: Benn & Penna Architects

View this Natural Contemporary mood board here


If you’re a traveller or are simply inspired by European house styles then this is the one for you. The Mediterranean house style is all about texture and rich, warming neutrals with the addition of natural colours such as sage, terracotta and fawn. A mix between the coastal, luxury European aesthetic and the casual, relaxed Australian style, this house style gives you the best of both worlds.

Image credit: Brickworks. Builder: Webb & Brown-Neaves

View this Mediterranean mood board here

French Provincial 

Possibly one of the most tried and tested interior styles of all time is the classic French Provincial house style. Loved for its country-style meets elegant living, this style sets the benchmark high when it comes to classic house styles. Ornate carvings, moldings and simple textures in the use of bricks, porcelain and natural stone tiles are what this look is made of. Focusing on combining beauty and elegance at every turn, this house style is suited to someone wanting a classic yet contemporary look.

Image credit: Brickworks. Builder: Stannard Homes

Popular products to achieve this look are: Terracotta Roof Tile: Bristile Roofing – Planum in Ghost White, Feature Brick: Austral Bricks – Panorama in Snowfield, Brick: Austral Bricks – La Paloma in Castellana

View this French Provincial mood board here

Box Modern

You really can’t go wrong with selecting a modern look when it comes to your house style. The Box Modern house style is full of contemporary finishes and is one of the most popular house styles in the Australian housing landscape. Complementary yet contrasting tones are key to creating this look. Dark, moody and bold or white and bright finishes create this crisp house style. To create a feeling of warmth, introduce textured finishes such as a concrete roof tile or textured retaining wall.

Image credit: Brickworks. Builder: Fowler Homes

View this Box Modern mood board here

Industrial Urban

The house style that took its inspiration from the factory floor or warehouse is the trending Industrial Urban house style. Think converted warehouse vibes, imperfections and raw finishes. The Industrial Urban house style is suited for someone wanting a modern home filled with character and history. Coarse, textural materials and a darker colour palette, this house style is moody in the best possible way. And one of our favourite elements of this palette is the Venetian Glass brick that adds that sophisticated and striking statement.

Image credit: Brickworks. Architect: Jackson Clements Burrows

View this Industrial Urban mood board here

There you have it, eight different house styles that you can choose from when deciding on the style of your house. From the beloved Classic Hamptons to the charming French Provincial, we’re sure you’ll find a house style that you’ll fall in love with. 

To explore what house style might be best suited for you, try taking this ‘Which house style are you?’ quiz to discover your personal house style and be one step closer to creating the house of your dreams. You can also browse through Brickworks' products on Style Sourcebook here.