15 Ways To Create a Hamptons Style House

When you think of a Hamptons style house, you probably picture bright white walls, natural materials, beachy shades of blue and luxurious furnishings. The elegant and airy vibe recalls a luxury resort where every day feels like a holiday.

The Hamptons are a string of seaside communities that attract holidaymakers from New York City every year, but their signature design style extends far beyond the 11962 zip code. Australians have fallen hard for the Hamptons style design trend because it fits effortlessly into our relaxed beachside culture.

If you’re ready to infuse your home with the iconic Hamptons aesthetic, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 15 ways to create the Hamptons style house of your dreams.

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-living-roomImage credit: Invilla

1. Bright Light

Bright natural light pouring in through large windows is a hallmark of Hamptons style. Ideally, your windows will overlook the ocean or a lush garden to create an indoor-outdoor flow that will make your home feel like a luxury retreat. 

If you don’t have enough natural light flowing through your home, daylight light bulbs imitate the sun’s natural light and can give you the extra illumination you need.

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-living-room-voidImage credit: Porter Davis Homes

2. Fresh White Walls

White walls are a must in any Hamptons style home. They reflect all the natural light and create a crisp backdrop for your neutral palette and blue accents.

Choosing the perfect shade of white can be overwhelming, but you can’t go wrong with the classic Dulux Vivid White or Dulux Natural White.

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-bedroom-mood-boardHamptons mood board by Designingly created on Style Sourcebook. View here


3. Timber Floorboards

When it comes to Hamptons style, timber floorboards are life! Choose a light timber such as oak or opt for painted white or distressed timber floorboards.

If you really want to nail the Hamptons aesthetic, a herringbone pattern is recommended by interior designers as the top choice. View a vast range of timber floorboards here.

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-living-room-herringbone-floorImage credit: Smout Property

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-vienna-rose-mood-boardHamptons mood board created by Vienna Rose on Style Sourcebook. View here

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-kh-designed-mood-boardCoastal Hamptons Style mood board created by KH Designed on Style Sourcebook. View here

4. Neutral Tones and Blue Hues

The Hamptons style colour palette includes crisp white, muted grey, warm beige, navy, cobalt blue and duck egg blue. Start with a neutral base and add blue accessories in complementary tones. 

You don’t have to stick to the same shades of blue throughout your home. You might choose to focus on navy and cobalt for your living room and duck egg blue and blue-grey for your bedroom and laundry. 

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-bedroomImage credit: Coastal Hampton Style

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-kitchenImagre credit: Coastal Hampton Style

5. Oversized Furniture

To make your Hamptons style house feel like a luxury holiday home, choose overstuffed sofas, plush armchairs, thickly padded ottomans and oversized timber bed frames. 

Comfort is one of the driving principles behind Hamptons style, so make sure to give your furniture a test run before you buy. There’s no room for a stiff sofa in a Hamptons home!

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-oversized-armchair-oz-designBodhi Oversized Armchair from Oz Design Furniture

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-ottoman-lounge-loversBronte Coastal Ottoman from Lounge Lovers

6. Luxe Soft Furnishings

For an extra level of comfort and style, accessorise your oversized furniture with luxuriant soft furnishings - think down-filled cushions and super-soft throws that feel like warm hugs.

A basket of spare blankets in a corner of your living area and plenty of spares in the linen closet will add an extra-homely touch. Your houseguests may never want to leave!

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-bedroom-mood-boardMood board created by Oleander and Finch on Style Sourcebook. View here


7. Natural Materials

The Hamptons seaside aesthetic calls for natural materials in neutral tones. Layer large jute or sisal rugs over your timber floorboards. Marble and natural stone are also stunning additions to any Hamptons home. 

Choose furnishings and accessories made from linen, merino wool, bamboo and natural cotton. Oversized woven baskets complete the look and provide extra storage space.

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-living-roomMood board created by Airey Interiors on Style Sourcebook. View here


8. Beachy Vibes

Elegant coral sculptures, large conch shells and high-quality beach-themed prints add a sophisticated seaside touch. It might be tempting to go all out, but less is more when it comes to these coastal accents.

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-living-room-property-stylist-coMood board designed by The Property Stylist Co on Style Sourcebook. View here


9. Neuatical Theme

Ceramics in shades of navy and white, vintage nautical items and delicate blue and white stripes offer a tasteful nod to the nautical theme without being kitsch. 

Elegance is key, so just say no to lifebuoys, ship steering wheels and fish mounted on the walls. You might need to hide well-meaning gifts from relatives until they visit!

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-living-room-flawless-interiorsMood board created by Flawless Interiors Melbourne. View here

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-clam-shellGiant Clam Bowl from Freedom

10. Patterns and Prints

Throw some patterned soft furnishings into the mix for a signature Hamptons style. Florals, chintz, ikat, stripes, geometric and nautical patterns all work well.

Be bold and combine different patterns in similar blue and neutral hues. If mixing patterns makes you nervous, blend one pattern with other furnishings in solid neutral tones.

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-living-room-the-diy-decoratorMood board created by The DIY Decorator on Style Sourcebook. View here

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-living-room-oleander-finchMood board created by Oleander and Finch on Style Sourcebook. View here

11. Pendant Lights and Chandelairs

Industrial pendants featuring glass and chrome or brass are a trademark of the Hamptons style kitchen. In living and dining areas, don’t be afraid to hang sumptuous modern chandeliers in white or neutral shades.

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-the-cosatal-retreat-kitchen-mood-boardMood board created on Style Sourcebook by The Coastal Retreat. View here


12. Whimsical Window Treatments

Sheer curtains add a light and breezy beachside feel to Hamptons style living areas. Bedroom windows can be adorned with thicker curtains in neutral and stone colours. 

Plantation shutters are preferred for bathrooms and other areas where temperature and light need to be easily controlled.


13. Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles, subway tiles and mosaic tiles are all great choices for your Hamptons style bathroom or laundry. We can’t get enough of these blue and white patterned tiles that make the whole room pop.

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-zalu-styling-ensuiteMood board created by Zalu Styling on Style Sourcebook. View here


14. Weatherboard Cladding

If you have the luxury of renovating the outside of your home as well the inside, you can’t go past horizontal weatherboard cladding for a classic Hamptons style look. Linea Weatherboard in Vivid White is our top choice.

15-ways-to-create-hamptons-style-house-james-hardie-facadeImage credit: James Hardie

15. Outdoor Entertaining

Nothing says “relax” like a Hamptons style outdoor entertaining area complete with fire pit and Adirondack chairs.

If you have more space, bench seating covered in plush outdoor cushions is the epitome of Hamptons chic. A sparkling blue and white pool surrounded by whitewashed tiles is also a winner!


Make your Hamptons style dream comes true.

The Hamptons may be thousands of kilometres away, but you can bring their sophisticated seaside style into your home. Remember the guiding principles of Hamptons style - white walls, a neutral palette with pops of blue, natural materials, and elegant and comfortable furnishings - and you can’t go wrong.

For more Hamptons style inspo, head to our mood boards inspiration page. In our products section, we have over 800 Hamptons style products for every taste. Living the dream!