Discover the ‘70s Inspired Bedroom Retreat Featuring Muse from the Dulux Colour Forecast 2024

In Partnership With: Dulux

Style Sourcebook Profile: Dulux Australia

Interior Designer: Jono Fleming

Photography: Jacqui Turk

At the end of every year, Christmas comes a little early as Dulux releases their Colour Forecast. Last year, we were thrown into a bold and vibrant world of colour and emotion as the 2024 Colour Forecast announced. Three categories, Solstice, Journey and Muse, took our breath away with rich tones and hues that promised warmth, nostalgia, and organicness. Since its release, these palettes have contributed to some incredible interior design projects, and we’re lucky enough to explore one of those. Meet Jono Fleming and his inspiring bedroom makeover that features Dulux Colour Forecast Muse Palette.

Come with us as we delve into the nostalgia of this space and discover how Dulux Colour Forecast Muse Palette helped Jono achieve his retro vision.  

Dulux Colour Forecast 2024 - Muse

If you’re not already familiar with the Muse palette, then you’re in for a treat. Dulux describes Muse as “heavily influenced by the nostalgia of the postmodern era, with a particular emphasis on the '70s… it’s a celebration of the free-spirited styles of the past.” This perfectly illustrates the aesthetic established by Muse, which is filled with rich browns, animated blues, and retro hues. It definitely feels reminiscent of the past, yet with an exciting and fresh twist. 

“As one of the three palettes from the 2024 Dulux Colour Forecast, you can rest easy knowing that each of the palettes has been carefully curated to influence interior design trends for the year ahead. The team not only considers colour but also textures, furnishings and finishes. The Muse palette makes a postmodern, contemporary statement that will still reference the timeless designers of the past. By working within the confines of the Dulux Muse palette, you’ll be able to feel like you can be bold and take calculated risks with colour and styling knowing it will work together.”

- Jono Fleming 

The ‘70s Inspired Bedroom Retreat

Interior designer, Jono Fleming, has renownedly pushed the boundaries within his projects. His ‘curated maximalist’ approach focuses on layering combinations of colours, textures, patterns, and tones to achieve that personal, lived-in feeling. When we sat down to chat with Jono about this bedroom makeover in his farmhouse, it was immediately apparent he’d mastered that method.

The eclectic warmth of the ‘70s served as inspiration as the aim was to evoke a sense of nostalgia with a hint of modernism that would help to balance the space. To achieve this, Jono utilised various elements of layering, such as velvet, chrome, curvaceous furniture, and of course, mid-toned colours, including Dulux Colour Forecast Muse Palette.

Jono mentions he was immediately drawn to the Muse palette due to its unexpected complementing combinations. The array of hues reminded him of the texture and glamour the ‘70s is so well known for. The rich browns would achieve a sense of warmth, while the light accents would create elements of quirk and interest within the space.

And if you think Dulux’s palettes are limited to traditional surface areas, Jono will happily prove you wrong. Dulux Fantan has been used as the base for the walls and ceiling, setting the tone for the retro vision. Dulux Canyon Cloud can be found elevating the simple border of the window, providing interest and graphic accents. Adding further emotion to the room is the mirror, which is painted in Dulux Passionate Blue and the side table, painted in Dulux Fluorescent Fire. Each colour has been strategically selected to be bold on its own, while also cohesively connecting the space.

We’re so inspired by the use of colour throughout this bedroom. It's nostalgic, yet modern, bold, yet comforting and warm. Jono has truly created a masterpiece within this space. Discover the Dulux Colour Forecast 2024 for more inspiration, or begin creating your dream project using our mood board tool, which also features the entire Muse palette and more.