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Creating cohesion within your home makes your space feel effortless. It’s all about achieving a unified look for the purpose of aesthetics and functionality. Essentially, the aim is to connect all areas of your home. Cohesion can be achieved in many different ways, such as recurring themes, colours, and shapes. But often the importance of unifying these elements with other aspects of your home is overlooked. As the largest surface area, flooring is a crucial component to consider. So, come with us as we talk to the experts at Amber and discover how you create cohesion within your home.

Determine Your Style 

It goes without saying, cohesion isn’t determined by trend. Even maximalist homes need to achieve a level of cohesiveness to be able to create a functional space. So, the first step in creating a cohesive home is understanding the end goal you’re trying to reach. Is it a cool contemporary style? Or maybe you’re opting for the modern farmhouse look and want to bring a little Tuscan villa vibe into your home. This style will dictate everything, including your flooring. 

For example, a modern farmhouse style calls for a stone or concrete look tile to replicate that rustic aesthetic. Choosing something that complements other elements within this style will tie the house together, achieving that end goal. 

Wall Solutions to Suit

As another large area of your home, what you put on your walls should be one of your top considerations when thinking about cohesion. Looking beyond the all-important paint choices, you also need to think about factors such as splashbacks, bathroom feature tiles, or even wall cladding. A stylish reoccurring theme we’re currently seeing in bathrooms is versatile tiling solutions that can be placed both on the floors and walls. This timeless solution feels so sleek and really demonstrates the beauty of cohesion. 

Take on Texture

Cohesion doesn't translate to a two-dimensional space. Even if you prefer to keep the same palette throughout each area, incorporating texture and colour is a must. Luckily, tiles can bring a whole other depth to your home. And with current trends focusing on options with personality, texture has never looked so good. Take colours, like a gorgeous green for example. If you have accents of green throughout your home, why not continue this connection through your tiles? Think green subway tiles within the bathroom, that correlate to green kitchen cabinetry and décor. It’s an earthy dream!

Tip: For even more visual interest, opt for a product with different size variations and lay them in a unique pattern. This subtle touch will feel both cohesive and personalised. 

Indoor-Outdoor Connection

Your external areas should also not be forgotten when creating cohesiveness throughout the home. Pavers are a great way to bring your style outside while remaining practical. Or you could even take your cohesion to the next level and opt for a tile solution that can be installed both inside and outside. This flow between spaces is the perfect way to achieve an indoor-outdoor connection. 

Mood board created by Amber on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

Mood board created by Amber on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

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Achieving cohesiveness really is an art, but the best part is that it’s completely personal to your lifestyle and what you love. If you’d like to speak to your own Amber expert, or explore their full range of incredible solutions, visit here. If you’d like to put your cohesive visions onto canvas, why not check out our mood board tool.