Contemporary Minimalism Meets Wellness Oasis

Located on the serene Mornington Peninsula sits Alba Thermal Springs and Spa. The recently opened bathing, dining and wellness oasis is situated on 15-hectares of thoughtfully designed landscape. The rejuvenating facilities include a range of indoor, open-air and outdoor thermal pools, a luxurious spa and seasonal dining experience. Every element of the contemporary minimalist design has been carefully crafted to evoke serenity and seamlessly flow with the surrounding environment. Come with us as we explore how structural curves, subtle color palettes and natural elements create the perfect sanctuary.

Upon arriving at Alba Thermal Springs and Spa, it’s hard not to notice the main structure embedded within the hilltop. This purposeful position sets the scene of combining architecture with nature in an organic way. Balancing the contemporary minimalist design with the property’s landscape has uniquely redefined what luxury wellness looks like.

Guests are treated to sunlight soaked spots, smooth surfaces, and sophisticated décor at every turn. With building architecture and interiors by Hayball, and landscape architecture and pool design by MALA, Alba was meticulously created with recalibration in mind.

“From its inception, the ethos behind Alba was based on finding synergies between the environment, community, culture and history. In appointing building architects and landscape architects, we had to find practices that could work together holistically to create a seamless indoor and outdoor experience."
Craig Dodd - General Manager, Alba Thermal Springs and Spa

Structural curves, corrugated concrete, bronzed glass, textured façades and metallic finishes all seamlessly combine to add to the organic elements of the wellness oasis. The architecture flows with soft, rounded edges and light-filled open spaces, creating that sought-after serenity. The subtle palette complements this through neutral tones which were specifically chosen to tie together all elements. Finally, the minimalist décor adds finishing touches to the space in a Japandi style that only further highlights the tranquil setting. From the dramatic sky light to the white polished spiral staircase and sculptural details, Alba is sure to impress.