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Katrina Haeusler is the founder of KH Designed, a bespoke interior design firm located in New South Wales. As a qualified building designer and interior designer, Katrina utilises her experience and passion to create projects that reflect the client's lifestyle. We’ve been fans of KH Designed for a long time, but recently came across a few Style Sourcebook Mood Boards that caught our eye. We just had to share the final result of these beautiful projects. Come with us as Katrina walks us through her stylish projects and the inspiration behind each one. We also get to chat about crucial elements when designing spaces, tips for creating amazing Mood Boards and exciting upcoming projects.

So lovely to chat with you, Katrina! Can you tell us a bit about KH Designed and how it came to be?

KH Designed is very much who I am. As long as I can remember, I have been designing homes. From drawing floor plans on the train home from school (yes, I know, how nerdy), to pulling furniture off the side of the road and repurposing it. I started my journey in architectural drafting, then nearly 10 years into this career I changed paths and went into primary school teaching, however I never stopped designing in my spare time. Over time projects built up, and when I had my first son over 3 years ago I started KH Designed. It was motherhood that brought me to the realisation that this constant drive and desire to design needed to become my full-time career. Now, as a qualified building designer, interior designer, and primary teacher, I run a successful interior design business that I am so incredibly proud of. 

How would you describe your interior style?

If you were taking a walk through my home, you would probably label my style as ‘classic coastal’. However as a designer I don’t pigeon hole myself to one stand-alone style. I do, however, ensure my designs harness longevity through timeless qualities. This means, a KH Designed space would stand the test of time and hold its ground throughout the world's ever changing functional and aesthetic trends. I integrate a timeless approach into any unique client's style, which is what makes a KH Designed space so uniquely powerful. 

These projects are gorgeous! What was your inspiration behind them?

Lime Kiln

The inspiration for Project Lime Kiln came from many sources. The client loved French cafés, farmhouse cosiness, opulent vintage charm and even industrial popped up in conversation. This kitchen really stems from her strongest love for French cafés and classic farmhouses, with contrasting tones and acid washed brass hardware for a vintage look. 

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Mood Board created by KH Designed on Style Sourcebook, view Mood Board here  

Redhead Kitchen

The inspiration for Project Redheads aesthetic was the outlook to Redhead Beach then this kitchen's awkward space is what gave it such huge success. Working around a void and narrow passageway, the client assumed her dream of an entertainers kitchen + butlers pantry was not achievable, but confidently I set out to achieve her dream.

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Mood Board created by KH Designed on Style Sourcebook, view Mood Board here.

Silky Oak

The inspiration for Project Silky Oak was a bright, airy hotel suite stay. We wanted classic tapware, marble look tiles and a large open space with a feature skylight. My favourite feature in this bathroom are the gorgeous Astra Walker mixer taps.

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Mood Board created by KH Designed on Style Sourcebook, view Mood Board here.

"Function is key! The true success of any interior comes down to how the client interacts with the space and how it serves the client in terms of function. My interiors improve how people live through clever functional design."
Katrina, KH Designed

You’ve been a part of the Style Sourcebook community for a long time, how do mood boards help your projects?

They help me share with my clients the vision and look for their project. They are more than a pretty picture, they evoke emotion and give my clients visual confidence in their project.

How do you use the mood board tool within your design process?

I use the mood board tool to create vision boards at the start of a project to guide and maintain the consistency and mood boards to display to the client how selections and inspiration work together in one location. A mood board displays the emotions and overall feel for a space and therefore are a powerful tool in my design process.

Do you have any advice for users who want to start creating mood boards?

Gather all your items and inspiration in one location first, then begin to see how they work together by adding and removing elements until you have the “that’s it!” moment.

Who are some of your go-to suppliers when it comes to designing your projects?

I am always discovering new suppliers to achieve the demand of whatever job I am working on. James Hardie for my exterior and internal cladding options are always a favourite along with Momo Handles for hardware.

Do you have any exciting upcoming projects you’d like to share with us?

Yes, always excited about what’s next. I am in the concept stage for Project Club Catalina at a bowling club by the lake. In the documentation stage, I have Project Lambton Waterside, which is a large scale residential project with the ultimate dream kitchen.