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Rustic, charming, and versatile. That’s how the San Selmo Classico is described as it’s announced as the ‘Brick of the Year’ for 2024. Crafted in Italy, the warm-toned brick is adaptable and stylish, bringing an element of depth and interest to every project. We wanted to discover more about the San Selmo Classico and how the ‘Brick of the Year’ is chosen, so, we’re sitting down with Bianca, the NSW Design & Colourhub Manager at Brickworks, to learn more about this exciting announcement and chat all things colour consultations.

Hi Bianca, thanks for sitting down with Style Sourcebook. We’re thrilled to be chatting about the ‘Brick of The Year’. Can you tell us a little bit about this product?

San Selmo Classico in Limewash was chosen as the ‘Brick of the Year’ based on its popularity, versatility and unique colour and textural finish. We’ve seen a range of projects use this product internally and externally, including within the landscaping, so, it comes as no surprise that the San Selmo Classico took first place. 

Plus, lately, within the design industry, we’ve noticed that quality products imported from Italy are trending, as everyone wants that European edge. As the San Selmo Classico brings a strong European heritage and is manufactured in Italy, it gives it a distinctive appeal.

“Beautifully rustic with a sense of modernity, these elegant kiln-fired clay bricks are manufactured in Italy and feature a beautiful, tactile surface inspired by recycled bricks. Our Brick of the Year easily fits into 2024’s biggest trends of Farmhouse, Mediterranean, Modern Country and Hamptons style homes. Experience San Selmo – the quintessential choice for 2024 and beyond.”

- Milly Picken | Group Brand and Communications Manager, Brickworks

Mood board created on Style Sourcebook. View featured products here.

Mood board created on Style Sourcebook. View featured products here.

What’s the process behind choosing the ‘Brick of the Year’?

The ‘Brick of the Year’ is chosen based on popularity and versatility. We’ve received such an outstanding response from the market, not only just from renovators or builders but also from architects and designers.

We loved the tactile surface of the San Selmo Classico range, can you tell us about this key element?

Yes, this element really makes the San Selmo Classico a leader in design; it's not something that has been replicated in our local plants. It’s an aspect that is on trend, yet also feels timeless and has edge, class, texture, and colour difference, making it a product that ticks all the boxes.

What exterior façade styles would this brick be best suited to?

Hamptons, Urban, Modern farmhouse, Mediterranean, take your pick - the options are endless! Whether you use it as an entire dwelling, featured externally on a pier, on an internal fireplace, stair wall, or retaining walls, it really is a versatile product. Its unique look and feel lend to a list of architectural styles and spaces.

Speaking of discovering the perfect style, tell us a little bit about what people can expect from booking a colour consultation with Brickworks and what are the benefits?

Brickworks colour consultations are all about giving you a personalised experience to help you pick the right materials and finishes that reflect your style. Choosing colours for your home can feel overwhelming, but that's where we come in. The colour consultants walk you through the process, offering expertise and support. Think of us as your guide to making decisions that not only look great but also feel right for your space. It's all about making the process straightforward and even fun.

Colour consultations assist in creating a beautiful long-lasting home that will give you great pleasure, comfort and durability for a lifetime.

Discover the ‘Brick of the Year’ and explore the entire range of Austral Bricks. If you’re ready to create your dream project, head to our mood board tool, which features the incredible range of Brickworks products.