A Take On Texture - Make Your Home Touch-Worthy

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Style Sourcebook Profile: Hardware Concepts

In the world of interiors, you might hear the phrase “adding texture'' quite often. It’s a simple statement, but what does it actually mean? Texture is generally thought of as adding visual interest to the space. And aesthetics are obviously important, but homes need to be a little more than just good looking. They have to feel good too. Texture also enables your space to become interactive, making it more inviting and engaging. So, how do we achieve a home that looks and feels like a dream? To help with this question, we’re lucky enough to chat with both Urban Road and Hardware Concepts on how to take texture a step further by making your home touch worthy.


It’s no secret fabrics are an essential part of adding touch worthy texture into your home. But why not upgrade this concept by mixing and matching your favourite fabrics? This might seem a little daunting, but combining different materials will give your home extra character and depth. We love the idea of opting for a luxurious statement piece like a boucle bedhead, paired with linen throws and pillows. The materials will not only create visual texture, but feel amazing to touch while softening the room - perfect for snoozing.

Tip: If you’re still a little cautious about combining materials, try opting for a neutral palette. It’s a great way to start experimenting with texture without the feel of cluttering your space. 


Artwork is an amazing way to create an engaging and immersive feel to your space. Selecting prints or canvases with visible groves or detailed shapes adds depth and layers without overcrowding. Artwork also comes in all shapes and sizes, meaning it can be incorporated in every home, big or small. Our favourite part about this tip is that it's also the perfect way to bring your personal style and touch into a space. 

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"When working with monotones, a great way to still achieve contrast, warmth and visual interest is through textures. By layering smooth against rough like boucle and velvet intertwined with different patterns and materials, you are able to create an understated yet cohesive space." 
- Urban Road

Cabinetry Hardware

Cabinetry hardware may be a small detail scattered throughout the home, but it’s a powerful one. They easily add contrast to your space and you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting materials (terrazzo handles, anyone?). We love the idea of opting for a solid brass handle with a smooth texture, placed on classic dark cabinetry. The perfect combination between subtle and striking. 

Tip: Opt for corrosion-resistant hardware to keep these high touch zones looking fresh for longer.


The simplest way to add texture into your home is through accessories. Pieces such as vases, cushions, candles and even lighting can dramatically change both the visual and physical comfort of a room. It’s also a great way to have a bit of fun with your home and get creative without making big changes. For example, you could replace your current pendant lights with a textured one in rattan or clay. Opt for colourful cushions that compliment your neutral palette - perfect for seasonal styling. Vases are also an interesting way to brighten a space that might lack a little height or depth. 

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt about texture, it might just be that playing with texture is the best way to get creative with your space. If you’re looking to make your home a little more touch worthy, why not check out Urban Road and Hardware Concepts. Create a mood board here to discover which textural pieces best combine to suit your space.