30 Small and Stylish Bedside Table Ideas For Your Bedroom

When it comes to bedroom décor, the small details can make a big difference. One often-overlooked element are bedside tables. These pieces of furniture are not only practical but can be incredibly aesthetic as well. They can take your bedroom from a blank space to a work of art, no matter the size of your room. So, whether you're a minimalist enthusiast, someone who loves a touch of colour or you’re just looking for inspiration, we've got you covered with 30 small and stylish bedside table ideas that are sure to elevate your bedroom aesthetics. We’re also answering the most common questions when it comes to styling your bedside tables, so, let’s dive in.

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Frequently Asked Bedside Table Questions:

Are bedside tables necessary?

Bedside tables are one of the most important pieces of furniture. Not only are they incredibly practical with their storage abilities but they also create balance and visual interest within your bedroom’s interiors. 

Do I need two bedside tables and do they have to match?

Having two nightstands will make your room feel more balanced, however, if you don’t have enough space, opting for one is always an option. There’s also no rule stating bedside tables have to match each other, especially if your style is eclectic or even maximalist. 

How tall should my bedside table be?

Aim for your bedside table to be either the same height or slightly higher than the top of your mattress. This will create a nice visual flow while also ensuring you can still easily access it. 

What décor should go on a small bedside table?

Choose practical pieces to accessories your bedside table, like lamps, candles, and books! Adding too many things may make it feel a little cluttered, so we recommend storing items that aren't used daily. 

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1. Minimalist Bedside Table Style:

For those who prefer a minimal look, a neutral-coloured bedside table with clean lines is the way to go. We also recommend opting for something with drawers or a cupboard so items can be placed away, complementing your minimalist look. 

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2. Floating Bedside Tables:

Opt for floating bedside tables to create a sense of space in smaller rooms. These sleek designs provide functionality without taking up valuable floor space.

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Image credit: @by_kydrury | @villastyling 

3. Coastal Bedside Tables:

If you have a coastal style home and are looking for the perfect bedside table to match, why not opt for something in a natural finish, like the Remi Side Table from Oz Design Furniture? The natural grain would suit perfectly next to a white bedspread, highlighting that coastal palette. 

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4. Industrial Bedside Tables:

Industrial-style bedside tables with metal accents and reclaimed wood are perfect for those who appreciate a blend of modern and rugged aesthetics. 

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5. Luxury Bedside Tables:

Small doesn’t mean luxurious. You can still add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bedroom with a small luxe bedside table, like the Cleo Bone Inlay Bedside Table from Lounge Lovers.

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6. Mid-Century Modern Bedside Tables:

Embrace the retro vibes with a mid-century modern bedside table, like the Willow Bedside Table from Oz Design Furniture. The rounded corners and angled legs are a nod to the past (retro television to be exact) while remaining stylishly relevant.

7. Simple Bedside Tables:

Opting for a simple bedside table gives you the opportunity to get creative with the décor. We love how gorgeous bedside table lamps can be, like the Panto Table Lamp from Merlino

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8. Nature-Inspired Bedside Tables:

Bring the outdoors in with bedside tables made from natural materials like bamboo, rattan, or cork. These tables exude a relaxed, earthy vibe. We love the Hakon Solid Timber Bedside Table from Interior Secrets

9. Trendy Bedside Tables:

Like all interiors, bedside tables move through current trends. Right now, we’re seeing some incredible Mediterranean-inspired bedside tables making appearances everywhere. Think of the caves of Santorini transformed into practical pieces of furniture. Dreamy right?

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10. Hamptons Bedside Tables:

Hamptons bedside tables are perfect for small spaces as they’re classic and calming. Often found in white tones, these pieces are sure to add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. We love the Regency Bedside Table from Style My Home

11. Mirrored Bedside Tables:

Add a touch of glamour with a mirrored bedside table. Not only do they reflect light, but they also make your bedroom feel more spacious.

12. Geometric Bedside Tables:

Experiment with geometric shapes and patterns for a contemporary look. Patterns, like the Roma Bone Inlay from Lounge Lovers, can be a great addition to your bedroom. Who said small pieces of furniture couldn’t have personality?

13. Glass Bedside Tables:

Sleek and transparent glass bedside tables give a modern and airy feel to your bedroom. Pair them with metallic accents for a sophisticated look.

14. Multi-Functional Bedside Tables:

Choose bedside tables with built-in storage or shelves to keep your nighttime essentials organised. This is a practical solution for maintaining a clutter-free space. 

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15. Bold Bedside Tables:

Add some life to your bedroom with brightly colored bedside tables. They can act as a focal point and add vibrancy to your room. 

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16. Glamorous Gold Bedside Tables:

For a touch of opulence, opt for gold-accented bedside tables. They can transform your bedroom into a luxurious sanctuary.

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17. Artistic Asymmetry Bedside Table:

Mix and match bedside tables with different designs, shapes, and heights for an eclectic, artistic look that showcases your unique style.

18. Rounded Bedside Tables:

Rounded bedside tables are not only incredibly stylish but also perfect for small spaces. Their organic edges work to make the room flow while also allowing you to easily move around. 

19. High Gloss Bedside Tables:

High-gloss bedside tables can bring a touch of modernity to your bedroom. They reflect light beautifully and add a polished look.

20. Masculine Bedside Tables:

Consider masculine-style bedside tables for a touch of sophistication. These add a hint of luxury to any bedroom setting.

21. Sculptural Bedside Table Lighting:

Combine form and function with bedside tables that incorporate lighting elements. These can serve as ambient lighting while looking stunning, like the Mayfield Soren Lamp from Lighting Illusions.

22. Dark Toned Bedside Tables:

A lot of styles call for lighter toned bedside tables, but that doesn't mean dark tones should be avoided. Dark bedside tables can bring subtle tranquility and masculinity to your bedroom, perfect for creating calm and sophistication. We love the Myles Side Table from M+Co Living

23. Scandinavian Bedside Tables:

Embrace Scandinavian design with clean-lined, functional bedside tables. The minimalist aesthetic is all about simplicity and functionality. Perfect if you’re looking to add touches of Scandi to your home. 

24. Art Deco Bedside Tables:

For a touch of vintage glamour, choose Art Deco-inspired bedside tables. Not to be confused with Mid-Century Modern style, Art Deco can focus on small, repetitive patterns, making it the perfect choice for interesting bedside tables. 

25. Marble Bedside Tables:

Marble-top bedside tables exude luxury and elegance. They can seamlessly blend into both classic and modern bedroom settings.

26. Open Shelving Bedside Tables:

Opt for open-shelf bedside tables to display your favorite books, décor items, or indoor plants. Although with open shelving bedside tables comes the task of keeping even your storage space clutter-free so you don’t risk making your space feel smaller.

27. Japandi Bedside Tables:

Japandi is all about beauty in imperfections, so it’s no surprise why this style is so loved by the design industry. Opting for a Japandi style bedside table allows you to embrace nature and imperfections, which works to create a serene bedroom atmosphere.

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28. Narrow Bedside Tables: 

If there is only a small gap between your bed and the wall, why not opt for a narrow bedside table? They can be just as practical and stylish as the more common rectangular or circular versions. 

29. Technology Free Bedside Tables:

If you’re limited on space with your small bedside table, why not make it a technology-free zone? Popping your phone on charge in another spot can free up the space and even add to the overall style of your bedroom. 

30. Unique Bedside Tables:

Adding a unique bedside table will take your small space to the next level. Often it's hard to put a lot of visual interest into a small bedroom, so why not opt for something unique like the Baxter Bedside Table from James Lane.

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We hope you’re feeling inspired by our 30 small and stylish bedside table ideas. Begin creating your dream bedroom using our mood board tool, or discover our design community’s inspiring mood boards here.