15 Tips on How to Create a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Creating a timeless kitchen can be challenging. Picking a style that works for you and your lifestyle but won’t age for years to come requires a bit of work, but we just might have the answer. Cue the modern farmhouse kitchen, a traditional country style blended with minimalist contemporary which focuses on functionality and natural character. We’re loving this style at the moment and felt inspired to explore what makes up this design and why it’s the perfect interior style for your kitchens. Below we’ve listed our top 15 tips on how to create a modern farmhouse kitchen.

Image Credit: The Shore. Designed By: Curated and Made Interiors. Photographed By: The Palm Co

1. Embrace Exposed Beams

We couldn’t go past one of the most popular features in a modern farmhouse kitchen, exposed beams. Not only do they add architectural interest, but they also create that rustic feel this style is so famous for. Exposed beams are often used to help a room appear bigger and more open, making them a great option for smaller kitchens. Plus, beams can also be customised in colour, shape and style which means you can get creative with them and there’s something to suit every space.

Idea: If your kitchen doesn’t have exposed beams, substitutes like installing beam covers or faux beams make for a unique alternative. 

2. Incorporate Natural Materials

Another important element of the modern farmhouse kitchen is the use of natural materials. We recommend adding timber elements, such as butcher block countertops, and combining it with other materials like clay or stone. Flooring is another great way to incorporate natural materials, and there’s plenty of options to choose from. Wide plank hardwood flooring in dark and neutral tones is often the favourite choice for this style of kitchen but you can also opt for natural-stone tiles made from granite, marble or limestone. Both options will work with the other elements in your kitchen to create that balance between modern and traditional. 

Mood board created by: Eliza Grace Interiors

Mood board created by: PAX Interior Design

3. Authentic Appliances

The appliances you choose for this style of kitchen require a little bit of strategic thought. You want something high-tech without taking away from the farmhouse character. To achieve this balance, we recommend opting for appliances that blend in with your kitchen, rather than stand out. Colours and materials that flow with the surroundings are less likely to draw attention. You could even choose appliances such as a gas burner cooktop which can feel a little more authentic. Hiding small appliances in cupboards and storage spaces is another option that will also help to make the kitchen feel less cluttered.

4. Bright, Airy Spaces  

Modern farmhouse kitchens are all about that calming feel that comes naturally to the space. The easiest way of achieving this is to make sure fresh air and sunlight has a way of reaching your kitchen. Something as simple as placing large windows or bifold doors in and around the space can make all the difference. Even opening windows and doors during warmer months to allow breeze and natural light in will make your kitchen feel more fresh and inviting. We also recommend keeping your kitchen windows free of any curtains or blinds to make sure our space soaks up every bit of light. 

Designed By: Kate Lawrence Interiors. Photographed By: The Palm Co

Designed By: Kate Lawrence Interiors. Photographed By: The Palm Co

5. The Classic Subway Tile

Subway tiles may not be your first thought when it comes to a modern farmhouse kitchen splashback, but they might just be the perfect way to incorporate a sleek, modern feel into your kitchen without being over the top. This splashback option is a classic for a reason. It's timeless, cost effective, works well with other traditional elements and it’s easy to clean (yes please). Plus, the glossy finish also reflects lights which helps with that bright, open space feel. Need we say more? 

Idea: Try a grey grout to really bring out the white in the tile, we promise it still won't be over the top.

6. Inviting Dining Spaces

When we think about it, dining tables are a huge part of our lives. We catch up with family, entertain friends and can often spend quite a bit of time sitting at them. They’re also such a large part of your space, physically, so we can understand that sometimes it's hard to find the perfect one. Our advice? Try a raw, rustic table that feels a little lived in, it’ll be more inviting and add to the character of your kitchen. Pair the table with a modern style dining chair to create that cohesive feel without the rigidness.  

7. Spacious Sinks

Farmhouse sinks are probably one of the most famous pieces when it comes to the modern farmhouse kitchen. They’ve become very popular and it’s easy to see why, from both a functional and aesthetic point of view. Farmhouse sinks are often wider and deeper than traditional sinks, which are perfect for families or people who love to entertain a lot. Their classic look also perfectly fits this timeless interior style, meaning they’ll be the feature of your kitchen for years to come. 

8. Tapware and Mixers

On the topic of sinks, another important element to consider is your tapware and mixers. There’s definitely no shortage of options when it comes to this subject, but choosing your favourite might be difficult. We recommend exploring materials such as brass as it’s highly durable and adds to the traditional elements of the space. You also want your tapware to suit your farmhouse sink and not just from an aesthetic point. This means it might be beneficial to select a tap or mixer with a pull-out nozzle so you’re able to reach the furthest corners of your sink. 

9. Cabinetry and Shelving That Compliments

Modern farmhouse kitchens are often designed with a lot of cabinetry so choosing a simple cabinetry style that compliments your kitchen is important; think simple lines, accentuated with plain trims and panelling. For a touch of contrast, use matte black or antique hardware which will help to achieve that modern traditional balance. We also love the idea of incorporating open shelving for some extra character and space, which we always need in a kitchen. 

Idea: If adding open shelving isn’t an option for you, taking the doors off or adding glass panels to wall cabinets creates a beautiful open feel.

Image Credit: The Shore. Designed By: Curated and Made Interiors. Photographed By: The Palm Co

10. Stylish Pendant Lighting 

Often hung over island benches, pendant lights are a simple and cost effective way to bring a lot of character to your kitchen. They create ambience without being stark and their positioning can help add another layer within your space. Plus, pendant lights come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find something that will flow nicely within your kitchen. They’re also incredibly practical in the sense that they work with most ceiling heights and can create a targeted light, meaning you don’t have to compromise on visibility for style. 

11. Classic Colours

Luckily, there’s no set rules on what colours you use when designing your modern farmhouse kitchen, it’s really down to whatever you love. Although, most kitchens in this style do tend to stick to a neutral palette. Selecting earthy tones that have a natural impression are also more likely to be timeless and brighten your space, helping with that organic feel. If you’re reading this and thinking, “but colour is my thing”, why not try popping some blues and greens throughout your kitchen in fun ways such as accessories or dinnerware. 

12. Mixing Materials  

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt about the modern farmhouse kitchen style, it’s that everything has a perfect balance, materials included. Often mixing materials will come naturally when you design a new space, but you don’t have to stop at tapware and tables. Incorporating features such as reclaimed goods gives your space that extra character while also repurposing items.

Idea: Finding reclaimed materials that need a little love also makes for a great hobby and the piece might mean more to you than something purchased.

13. Don’t be Afraid to Add Fabrics

Fabric in the kitchen isn't just limited to your favourite tea towel. We’re loving the combination of cotton, canvas, linen and even wool if the season is right. This could be in the form of a rug, cushions, throws, table runners or even upholstered seating. This is also another great way of adding a little colour throughout the kitchen, which can be updated to match the seasons. This tip also perfectly broadens the idea of mixing materials, as using a blend of fabrics will help to create a more inviting and visually appealing space. 

14. Add a Touch of Greenery

Adding a touch of greenery to your kitchen is an easy way to bring a bit of nature inside. Try adding fresh herbs to your windowsill. They’ll look great and are handy when cooking meals. If herbs aren’t your thing, opt for fresh flower arrangements with lots of leafy elements or potted plants. Greenery is a great way to add a low maintenance aspect to your kitchen while also adding to that organic feel. Plus it comes in all shapes and sizes so it’s easy to find something that fits well and looks good in your space. 

15. Time to Accessorise

Looking to add something a little extra? Accessories are a great way to bring more rustic elements into your kitchen without having to change any large elements. Wooden serving boards, candles, oil pourers and vintage accessories are just a few options we love to add to create that modern kitchen farmhouse feel. This tip can be tricky though because it’s a classic ‘more is less’ situation. Try opting for pieces you really love that fit well in the space. If you think it looks a little cluttered it might be best to move items to another room instead.
Idea: Head to your local vintage store to browse the antiques, it’s a fun way of repurposing authentic pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a modern farmhouse kitchen?

A modern farmhouse kitchen is a traditional country style kitchen blended with minimalist contemporary style. It’s the perfect combination between functionality and natural character, merged with inviting spaces and classic elements. Modern farmhouse kitchens have become widely popular for its timeless style; ideal for families and entertainers. 

What’s the difference between a farmhouse kitchen and a modern farmhouse kitchen?

A modern farmhouse kitchen takes the traditional aspects of a farmhouse kitchen and adds modernised touches to make it a little less rustic - think sleek, contemporary elements. A traditional farmhouse kitchen might focus on a more vintage, natural and casual approach to the space.

Do modern farmhouse kitchens have to be white?

Not at all. What makes the modern farmhouse kitchen so great is there’s no rules when it comes to colours and tones. However, we recommend choosing colours that enhance your kitchen and help keep its timeless appearance, such as natural, earthy tones and neutral palettes. We also recommend having some fun with your space as well, neutral doesn’t mean boring. Adding pops of colour, texture and accessories means you can personalise your space without losing that traditional contemporary blend.

I live in suburbia, can I still create a modern farmhouse kitchen?

Of course, a modern farmhouse kitchen suits every type of lifestyle, even suburban. The combination between functionality and natural character make for a versatile kitchen that can easily work in your home, no matter your lifestyle or location. 

What’s the most important element in a modern farmhouse kitchen?

Some would say larger aspects like a farmhouse sink, exposed beams or open shelving would be the important elements in a modern farmhouse kitchen, but we think it depends on what suits you and your lifestyle. Investing more into a large table or natural materials could be important to you, so focus on these features instead.

So whether you’re looking for ideas for a new build, thinking of renovating or just wanting to include some traditional elements into your kitchen, the modern farmhouse kitchen could be the perfect solution. We hope we’ve inspired you with our 15 tips on how to achieve this timeless style. If you’re needing a little more inspiration, why not check out our mood board tool here.