Embracing Wabi Sabi Interior Design with Barefoot Gypsy

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Wabi Sabi, we’re sure you’ve heard the term before. It’s become hugely popular lately and for a good reason. Wabi Sabi stems further than a passing trend or style, as it embodies a way of life. The centuries-old Japanese philosophy centers around embracing imperfections in beauty, with an emphasis placed on the seven aesthetic principles. We wanted to learn more about this incredible topic, so we’re sitting down with Barefoot Gypsy to discover how to embrace Wabi Sabi interior design.

Each principle serves a unique purpose, but they often intertwine and complement each other. The seven aesthetic principles of Wabi Sabi are: 

1. Kanso - Simplicity 

2. Fukinsei - Imperfection 

3. Shibumi - Subtle Beauty

4. Shizen - Naturalness 

5. Yugen - Profound Grace 

6. Datsuzoku - Freedom

7. Seijaku - Tranquility


Celebrating the beauty in imperfections sounds incredible in theory, but it definitely takes practice. Imperfections in your interior can sometimes be thought of as flaws or even an issue. Wabi Sabi challenges this concept and instead encourages you to discover the value. For example, well-worn furniture, antiques with small inconsistencies, and mismatched décor are all signs of a home that is personal to you and your family. It’s about embracing these imperfections instead of focusing on changing them. 


Embracing nature is embracing Wabi Sabi as they go hand-in-hand. Finding the beauty in those organic and original forms is a core part of the philosophy. So, creating a space that features natural, asymmetric, and sustainable pieces will help you achieve an authentic Wabi Sabi interior design. Not to mention your home will feel grounded, calm, and full of character. Opt for furniture and home décor made from materials, such as wood, marble, wool, and other natural elements with unique grooves and patterns. Adding small touches, like house plants, or making changes like opening windows and prioritising sunlight also helps to add naturalness to your home. 

Tip: We love the idea of handmade pieces. Not only do they further enhance the authenticity of your interiors, but they also often have an incredible story to tell. 

“Barefoot Gypsy celebrates beautiful objects + textiles. We are committed to supporting local crafts and artisans around the globe, sourcing old and new pieces for our collection. We love unique. We love design.” 

- Maxine Smith | Founder, Barefoot Gypsy


Wabi Sabi encourages finding happiness within life’s simplicities, but how do you apply this to your home? The goal is to create a space that embodies calm, uncomplicated interiors. Think along the lines of minimalism, less equals more. Embracing simplicities as a part of Wabi Sabi enables you to establish a home that reflects happiness within subtle beauty. Our advice? Opt for quality over quantity. Invest in unique pieces that make you pause and really appreciate your home. 

Tip: Palettes and textures can also help achieve tranquility. Wabi Sabi is all about those earthy tones that work to ground your space while adding warmth and comfort.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to embrace a little Wabi Sabi into your interiors. If you’d like to view Barefoot Gypsy’s entire collection, visit here. You can also visualise your dream Wabi Sabi space using our mood board tool here.