Turning Your House into a Home with L3 Home

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Sometimes your house can feel as though it lacks something. You might have beautiful interiors, but if your space is missing that warm, inviting character, it may never feel like home. Turning a house into a home can be challenging. It needs to be functional and stylish, while still reflecting your lifestyle. So, how do you achieve this and where do you even begin? With the help of L3 Home, we’re exploring ways to transform your house into a home that ticks all the boxes.

Consider The Functionality of Your Space 

A key component when turning your house into a home is considering your space. If your house is cluttered, you may end up feeling overwhelmed and not achieving that inviting atmosphere. Cue functionality, an essential part of establishing purpose and balance within your space. 

The aim of functionality is to declutter and maximise the area, while creating flow and visual interest. For example, if your living room is limited in space, opt for strategic pieces such as a modular sofa. Their shape enables them to sit perfectly in corners, optimising the area. The orientation of a modular sofa can also be customised, so a timeless one will move with you everywhere.

Tip: To maximise the space even further, try exchanging items such as coffee tables for side tables and adding furniture with extra storage. 

Mood board credit by L3 Home, on Style Sourcebook, view mood board here   

Mood board credit by L3 Home, on Style Sourcebook, view mood board here

Mood board credit by L3 Home, on Style Sourcebook, view mood board here

Choosing a Colour Palette

Colours and tones have the power to influence our moods, our perception and everything in between. So, it’s only natural that your colour palette should be a key consideration when creating your home. Opting for furniture in neutral tones and organic materials is the perfect solution to adding warmth houses often lack. It provides the perfect base palette for you to personalise with colourful décor, without saturating the space. Neutrally toned quality furniture is also more likely to stay on trend for years to come, which means you’re able to keep pieces longer. Stylish sustainability? Tick!

Add Personal Touches  

The easiest, and possibly the most fun way of turning your house into a home is adding personal touches. Not only will it spark memories and joy when you look at certain items, but it can bring personality to your space. Don’t be afraid to display the vase you made in pottery class on your buffet or add the photos from your latest family trip to your desk. It’s a beautiful way to add a bit of character to your home.

Tip: If you're worried about clutter, try having specific spaces for personal items or even a cohesive theme, such as using similar minimalist photo frames. 

We hope you’re feeling inspired to take on the project of transforming your house into a home. If you’re looking for a little more inspiration, L3 Home’s incredible range of quality furniture can be explored here, or added to your next mood board here.