The South House by the BuildHer 8 Dream Team

Project, Interiors & Styling: BuildHer8 Team from BuildHer Collective

If you’ve been following Style Sourcebook for a little while you’d know we are passionate about supporting and empowering others. We believe strongly that bigger and better things can be achieved when we work together. That’s why, when we heard that a handful of women from BuildHer Collective had joined forces to form the BuildHer8 team and to build an incredible 7-star energy-rated home, we knew we had to share this project with you. And the project doesn’t just look pretty, it’s sustainably designed and built with conscious decisions throughout. Some of these sustainable features include an all-electric home with no gas, a reclaimed heat pump hot water system, and it even has a 9.1kW solar system with a Telsa Powerwall. Who says you can’t do it all? The BuildHer8 team has definitely proven that you can and have paved the way when it comes to creating a beautiful, sustainable and healthy home.

Led by the co-founders of BuildHer Collective, Rebeka Morgan and Kribashini Hannon, the BuildHer8 team consists of Priscilla Chan, Ohnmar Ruault, Kribashini Hannon, Rebeka Morgan, Louise Van Zelm, Alison Lewis, Ivy Huang and Rachel Collard. Between them they have a wealth of knowledge and industry insights that they each drew from and imparted into various parts of the project. The team has created two architecturally different, yet complementary and sustainable homes in the northern suburb of Fairfield. Designed by Ben Callery Architects, they have used clean lines and an abundance of natural light to create a space that is inviting and inspiring as soon as you enter.

"...the look will be softened by materials and finishes reflective of north-side style: sophistication and edginess served with a side of character and personality".

- BuildHer8 Team

While the overall colour palette of The South House is one of a more muted, monochrome and neutral feel, the designers have injected pops of colour and personality through the beautiful styling, such as the gorgeous arrangement of florals and the playful artwork. And we particularly love the dark timber herringbone flooring used throughout. Keeping aligned with their sustainable vision, the timber floorboards have carbon offset which is a more long-term sustainable choice for the environment.

Keeping a consistent material and colour palette throughout the house, the team has created a sense of flow and continuity between all areas of the home. It’s clear that a high level of attention to detail has gone into the design process and the team has created a home that we’d find very hard to leave each day.