The Influence of Art in Your Interiors

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Art and interiors are two topics that are often intertwined. When you think about interior design, the element of art is always close behind, and vice versa. But, have you ever thought about just how much art influences your interiors? And we’re not talking about overwhelming ceiling murals (unless you’re building a French chateau, of course). We’re talking about how bringing artwork into your space can completely change the look, feel, and mood of your home. So, come with us as we chat with Gioia Wall Art to discover how art can influence your interiors.  

But First, Art

Art can often be more of an afterthought when redoing a space, but really, it should be considered a key element. For example, if you’re after a particular piece, you’ll need to ensure it fits in the desired area. There’s no point adding furniture to a room if the position of the sofa blocks half the artwork. Our advice? Make art a priority and measure everything to avoid potential obstructions. 

“Art is essential for everyone, like air, food, water, and good coffee. We want to help people fill the spaces with artworks that spark joy to them.”

- Connie | Gioia Wall Art

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Complementing Colours

Prioritising art in the planning stages is also important from a colour perspective. Your art should complement the palette of the room, meaning you may need to consider a few different factors. If you have your heart set on a piece for a focal point, then you’ll need to think about adding furniture and decor that complements it. If the roles are reversed and you’re looking to add art to an already finished room, think about it from the angle of tying the room together. We love the idea of opting for artwork that features and pulls together the same tones from around the space. 

Mood is Everything 

Interiors go beyond aesthetics and really play a key role in your mood. The same goes for art. Adding beautiful artwork into your space will flow with your interiors to influence the feel of your home. Having bare walls can make the room feel a little stark and sterile, however, even just popping a few prints up can completely change the mood. The space will feel warm and inviting to you and anyone who enters the room. 

Express Your Personality

Art also has a way of influencing your interiors to become more personal. Art is maybe one of the easiest and most fun ways of expressing yourself. Adding pieces that tell stories, or reflect your lifestyle and memories not only establishes visual interest but also creates personality and character. It also enables your interiors to become completely unique to you, which is such an important element of interior design. 

We hope you’re feeling inspired to let art influence your interiors. Explore the entire range of incredible wall art, prints, and hand-painted canvas’ from Gioia Wall Art here. To visualise how your favourite pieces will look, visit our mood board tool here.