Small Laundry Ideas to Maximise Your Washing Area

You’ve found the home of your dreams, but there’s just one issue: the laundry is microscopic. You have no clue whether you’ll be able to fit a washer and dryer in there, let alone storage space for your washing products and a drying rack. Sigh

Don’t worry – we love a small-room challenge! To help you maximise your space, we’ve rounded up 15 innovative small laundry ideas. From compact storage solutions to laundries hidden away behind doors, you’ll find the right design for your home.

We bet you’ll be so proud of what you managed to accomplish that you’ll want to show off your small laundry to all your visitors.

Laundry washing machine and dryer stacker from appliances online

1. Stacked washing machine and dryer

If your laundry has limited floor space, stacking your washing machine and dryer could be the way to go. You’ll need a front load washing machine that goes on the bottom and a dryer that sits on top.

You’ll also need to purchase a stacking kit or a special rubber mat from an appliance store to ensure the dryer’s weight is evenly distributed and stays safely in place. Some stacking kits even come with useful extra features such as a slide-out shelf. Make sure your washer and dryer are compatible with the stacking kit before buying it.

Designed by Alison Lewis Interiors. Photographed by Dylan James Photography 

2. Hidden laundry hampers

No room for your extra-large laundry hamper in your new micro-laundry? No worries! Häfele has several hidden hamper solutions that will help you keep your washing tucked away from view.

The Hideaway Concelo Laundry Hamper is a 60L pail on runners that can be easily mounted in a small cupboard. Not a dirty sock in sight!

The Hailo Laundry Carrier can be pulled out from the cabinet while the lid stays inside and becomes a shelf that you can use to sort and fold your washing. The Hailo features two pails and comes in two different widths.

3. Over-washing machine storage rack

When built-in laundry cabinets aren’t an option, you have to think outside the box when it comes to creating storage space.

The 2 Tier Austin Over-Washing Machine Storage Rack fits neatly around your washing machine and gives you two storage shelves above it.

Need more room? The Atton Storage Rack has three shelves without taking up any more floor space than the Austin. You’ll be able to easily fit all your washing products and accessories on it. 

4. Hanging rail 

A hanging rail placed above your laundry sink or bench is ideal for drying clothes and hanging your ironing. But a rail is more than just functional – it can be a statement piece in your laundry. From natural timber to black or brass with leather straps, there’s a hanging rail out there with your name on it. It’ll make your little laundry pop!

Hanging rail shown in this Freedom Kitchens laundry

5. Compact clothes dryers

If a hanging rail isn’t possible due to a serious lack of space, there are several other compact clothes dryers you can choose from. These types of dryers are useful for drying delicate and small items that you don’t want to hang on the outdoor washing line or put in the dryer.

The Over-Door Clothes Dryer might not look like much, but it instantly adds 3.5 metres of drying space to any door.

The Rollfix Triple Retractable Wall Dryer allows you to pull out 15 metres of washing line in a small space and hang one to two full loads of washing. When you’re done, the line easily retracts back into the wall-mounted line box until you need to use it again.  

6. Cupboard with compartments

Even the smallest of cupboards can be maximised with some clever compartments and storage solutions. Hang brooms, dustpans and mops on hooks, and store cleaning and washing products in pull-out storage baskets.

7. Laundry in a cupboard

Also known as a European laundry, this space-saving style of laundry is tucked inside a cupboard behind bifold or pocket doors (doors that slide into the wall). Your European laundry can consist of nothing more than a washing machine, a dryer, and a minimal amount of storage space. In an ideal world, you’ll also have room for a laundry sink, a laundry bench, and some built-in laundry cabinets to make your life easier. The cupboard is your oyster!

European laundry from Freedom Kitchens

European laundry from Freedom Kitchens

8. Laundry island

There are plenty of different styles of mobile islands for your laundry, but we love the concept of an island with an ironing board on top (which doubles as a surface to fold clean clothes) and storage drawers and baskets on the bottom. We particularly love this one from Kmart as it also has storage/clothes baskets underneath.

9. Storage trolley

A trolley on wheels is an excellent way to add storage space in a small laundry. We love this sleek and easy-to-clean chrome storage trolley with three spacious shelves.

10. Under-sink cleaning agent pull-out

If you are struggling to find space to store your cleaning agents, why not install one of these Hafele cleaning agent pull-out mechanisms under your sink. This way you are utilizing every inch of your cupboard space and your cleaning products have a place to live!

11. Wall-mounted ironing board

We love this Olivier Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet with Mirror. Not only is it easy to pull down your ironing board whenever you need to eliminate an unsightly wrinkle from your favourite shirt, but the mirror on the front of the cabinet makes your laundry look bigger when your ironing board is tucked away. Hooray!

12. Hanging baskets 

Is the only available wall space hidden behind your laundry door? Use it to your advantage! Hang baskets, like the Zaklina Seagrass Hanging Basket, vertically on timber slats or hooks and fill them with washing products and spare towels. 

13. Floating shelves

Floating shelves add storage space without weighing down a tiny area with unsightly brackets and screws. We love the 3 Piece Geraldine Wooden Floating Shelf Set in White.

14. Ironing system

If you don’t have enough storage space for an ironing board, an iron, a garment steamer and a ton of other accessories, get your hands on this all-in-one Heller Professional Ironing Board System. It hardly takes up any space and you’ll look boardroom-ready in a matter of minutes. 

15. Get organised!

Most of the time we are our own worst enemy when it comes to making clutter. Investing in some smart organising systems, such as this Foldable Oxford Laundry Bagthat will help you sort out your light, dark and coloured clothes when it comes to washing, will help keep the rest of your laundry declutter and organised (we're already feeling calmer just thinking about it).

Using small spaces wisely

With a little imagination and the right storage solutions, you can transform your small laundry into a practical and user-friendly space that feels much bigger than it is. 

For more laundry design inspiration and to shop a range of products for any size or style of laundry, head to our Laundry section. 

We've also put together a few of our favourite laundry mood boards to help inspire you! 

View this mood board here

View this mood board here

View this mood board here

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Call a Laundry in a Cupboard?

A laundry in a cupboard can sometimes also be referred to as a "laundry closet" or "laundry nook." This setup is designed to maximise your space, especially in smaller homes or apartments, by concealing a washer and dryer within a cupboard. It allows for functional laundry capabilities without requiring a dedicated room, it's a win-win.

Can I Put a Washing Machine in a Cupboard?

Yes, you can definitely put a washing machine in a cupboard, provided there is enough space for the appliance and proper ventilation. And we have to note that it's essential to ensure there are connections for water intake and waste water, as well as an electrical outlet. Also, don't forget to consider the weight of the washing machine, especially if it will be placed on an elevated platform, and ensure the cupboard is designed to support it. Ventilation is another crucial component to prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to mold and mildew.

How Do You Organise a Laundry Cupboard?

Organising a laundry cupboard efficiently means you can make the best use of your available space and easily access items. Here are our best tips: 

  • Shelving: Install shelves above or beside the washer and dryer to store detergents, fabric softeners, and other laundry essentials. Adjustable shelves can accommodate items of various sizes.
  • Baskets and Bins: Use baskets and bins to group similar items together, such as cleaning supplies, towels, and cloths. Labeling bins can help you find things quickly.
  • Hanging Solutions: If space allows, install a tension rod or hooks to hang clothes that need to air dry or items that are waiting to be ironed.
  • Door Organisers: Utilise the back of the cupboard door to hang items like ironing boards, drying racks, or over-the-door organizers for smaller items.

If you'd like more tips on how to keep a laundry space clean, visit Laundry Cabinetry Ideas for an Organised Space.

How Can I Make My Laundry Room Look Nice?

Making your laundry room look good completely depends on your personal taste, but it does involve both aesthetic and functional considerations:

  • Colour Scheme: A fresh coat of paint in a light or vibrant colour can brighten the space and make it more inviting.
  • Storage Solutions: Use attractive storage options like woven baskets, matching containers, and stylish shelving to keep supplies organised and out of sight.
  • Decorative Touches: Add artwork, indoor plants, or decorative jars for detergent and fabric softener to add personality and warmth.
  • Lighting: Good lighting is essential. Consider updating light fixtures to something more modern or adding under-cabinet lighting for better functionality and ambiance.
  • Functional Decor: Stylishly use practical items, like a beautiful laundry hamper or a chic drying rack.

How to Design a Laundry Room?

Designing a laundry room that is both functional and attractive involves careful planning:

  1. Layout: Consider the workflow, including the placement of the washer and dryer, folding area, and storage. The layout should allow for easy movement and efficient task completion.
  2. Appliances: Choose appliances that fit your space and meet your needs. Front-loading washers and dryers are popular for under-counter installations in smaller spaces.
  3. Storage: Plan ample storage for laundry supplies, cleaning products, and linens. Include a mix of open shelving, cabinets, and baskets.
  4. Work Surfaces: Incorporate counter space for folding clothes and managing laundry. If space is limited, consider a fold-down surface.
  5. Utility Sink: If possible, include a utility sink for hand-washing clothes and other tasks.
  6. Ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation to manage moisture and keep the air fresh.
  7. Decoration: Personalise the space with colour, texture, and accessories that make the room pleasant to use.

Discover how to Design a Functional Laundry Layout with ADP.