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In the ever-evolving world of interior design, it's always exciting to see new trends and innovations emerge. Even more so when they combine two of the most important elements of design, functionality, and aesthetics. We’re talking about washable rugs, of course. These clever products are the perfect solution for any space and lifestyle thanks to their durability, chic appeal, and easy cleaning. 

We’re lucky enough to take a sneak peek into the Revive Collection, Rug Culture’s newest range of washable rugs before it launches. We’re also taking you through all the benefits of these innovative pieces. Let’s dive in.

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Revive Toshi Natural Rug

“It was only a matter of time before we launched a machine washable collection with a soft, cosy pile and I think we nailed it with Revive. It’s aesthetically beautiful whilst being a practical option for families with young children or pets. It’s going to be a game changer.”

- Andrea Lovett | Marketing Manager, Unitex

Revive Avril Rose Rug

Revive Loni Natural Rug

A Look Inside the Revive Collection

The Revive Rug Collection is where luxury meets practicality. These rugs feel incredibly soft underfoot, offering that plush, opulent vibe while being tough enough to handle the high-traffic impact of busy spaces. With a silky texture and a shine that really brings a room to life, the Revive Collection adds a touch of sophistication wherever they're laid down.

Designed to suit any space within your home, this collection nails the mix of cool style and must-have functionality. They're stain and water-resistant, making them super durable and perfect for lively households, especially if you've got children or pets. Plus, they're machine-washable, which is not only convenient but also kind to the planet, allowing for easy maintenance and long-term use.

Mood board created by Rug Culture. See featured products here.

Revive Mila Natural Rug

“Having two young daughters, a beautiful little Cavoodle, and a home that's always buzzing with playdates and gatherings, our lives are full of joy and activity. Opting for a washable rug has been a game-changer for us - it means we can truly relax into our living space without fretting over the inevitable spills and stains. It's about embracing life's moments, busy and beautiful, without sweating the small stuff.”

- Afsoon Kisirwani | Sales Director, Unitex

Mood board created by Rug Culture. See featured products here.

Revive Muse Blush Rug 

The Benefits of Washable Rugs 

Easy to Clean

One of the key benefits of washable rugs is how easy they are to clean. It’s as simple as popping them into the washing machine to remove any spills, dirt, or daily build-up. Plus, being stain and water-resistant means you’re able to give them a quick wipe-down in the case of any spillages. This not only keeps your rugs fresh but also helps create a space that’s more hygienic and lessens allergen factors. 

Revive Avril Rose Rug 

Revive Dali Pastel Rug 

Stylish Addition

Rugs are already known for being stylish décor additions with their incredible range of chic colours, patterns, and designs. The washable aspect only furthers the ability to add a stylish touch throughout your home. For example, if you’ve been avoiding putting a rug underneath your dining table, here’s your sign to add that extra layer of depth to really elevate the room. 

Revive Dawn Putty Rug 

Revive Cato Blue Rug 


It goes without saying that washable rugs also tick the eco-friendly box. As washable rugs are more durable and easily cleaned, it reduces your need to purchase replacement rugs down the line. This contributes to less waste and enables you to make practical, stylish choices you feel good about from every aspect. 

Discover the entire Revive Collection from Rug Culture or bring your vision to life using our mood board tool, which also features an incredible range of products from Rug Culture.