9 Ultra-Chic Armchairs Ideas for Your Living Room

When it comes to interior design, armchairs are a key element in creating a comfortable and stylish living space. And with so many gorgeous armchairs on the market right now, it’s tricky to pick a favourite. From timeless designs to textured fabrics and vibrant colours, choosing an armchair for your living room has never been so easy, yet so hard. So, we’ve narrowed down nine ultra-chic armchairs we’re currently loving and will look perfect in your living room.

1. Rattan Armchairs

We’re big fans of rattan armchairs. Their natural and organic aesthetic adds a touch of warmth and earthiness to any room. Plus, they suit so many styles, Hamptons, modern, minimalism - it all works. With sustainability being a major focus in interior design, rattan armchairs are also the perfect choice for eco-conscious individuals. You really can’t go wrong with a rattan armchair in your living room. 

Image credit: @thedesignoryThe Quarter Acre 

Image credit: Sage & CoveVilla Styling 

2. Swivel Armchairs

Swivel armchairs are synonymous with versatility and comfort. We’re loving swivel armchairs for your living room as they’re as functional as they are aesthetic. And if trends have taught us anything lately, it’s that functionality plays a huge role in every element of your home. These chairs offer 360-degree rotation, making them an excellent choice for open-concept living spaces. Plus, swivel armchairs come in so many different designs and colours.

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Mood board created by Tegan.yates30 on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

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3. Leather Armchairs

Leather armchairs have always been a symbol of timeless elegance. The luxurious texture and durability of leather make it a top choice for those who appreciate quality and sophistication. We love classic leather armchairs in neutral tones, but you can also opt for a more daring option with vibrant leather upholstery to make a bold statement. 

We also have the perfect step-by-step guide on How to Style Your Living Room.

Image credit: Studio Haus CoVilla Styling 

Image credit: Studio Haus CoVilla Styling 

4. Velvet Armchairs

Velvet armchairs are all about opulence and comfort. The soft and tactile nature of velvet creates a cosy atmosphere in any room. Plus, the richness of velvet upholstery adds a touch of luxury to your living room, making it a top choice for those who desire a plush and inviting home.

5. Cream Armchairs

Cream armchairs are timeless, versatile, and elegant. The neutral color palette of cream complements a wide range of interior styles, making it an ideal choice for those who love flexibility in their décor. Cream armchairs can seamlessly blend with both light and dark color schemes, providing a sense of serenity and sophistication.

Image credit: HAAUS.Villa Styling 

Image credit: HAAUS. | Villa Styling 

6. Green Armchairs

Sticking with coloured armchairs we’re currently loving, green armchairs are popping up everywhere and we’re loving it. Green aligns with the current biophilic trends which is the practice of connecting people and nature through the things we create, according to Living Future Institute of Australia. Plus, having a splash of vibrant colour in your space can really work to create visual interest. 

Use our mood board tool to visualise how a green armchair can work within your living room.

7. Modern Armchairs

Modern armchairs are the perfect choice if you love clean lines, minimalistic design, and a sense of contemporary chic. We’ve seen such a transformation in modern armchairs for your living room, with a focus on innovative shapes and materials that have really worked to elevate your space.

8. Curved Armchairs 

Curved armchairs are a notable trend, celebrated for their organic and fluid shapes. These chairs combine aesthetics with comfort, featuring ergonomically designed curves that both look and feel soft. Their graceful lines serve as striking design elements, fitting seamlessly into various interior styles. Additionally, curved armchairs are a practical choice for small living room spaces. 

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9. Vintage Armchairs 

If modern armchairs aren’t your thing, then you can always opt for something vintage. A vintage armchair will often take notes from classic styles, like mid-century modern, and be solid, bold, and striking. Vintage armchairs are perfect for bringing in a touch of timelessness. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of chair is best for a living room?

The best type of chair for a living room largely depends on your personal style and the overall décor of the room. Common choices include accent chairs, recliners, club chairs, wingback chairs, and armchairs. Consider the room's size, style, and your comfort preferences when selecting the ideal chair.

What is the difference between a chair and an armchair?

A chair is a general term for a piece of furniture designed for sitting, which can include various types like dining chairs, office chairs, or lounge chairs. An armchair is a specific type of chair with armrests, typically cushioned for comfort. Armchairs are often used in living rooms for relaxation and come in various styles.

What is a living room chair called?

A chair in a living room can be referred to as a living room chair, an armchair, an accent chair, or a lounge chair, depending on its style and purpose. These chairs are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal and comfort in a living room setting.

How do I find a comfortable armchair?

To find a comfortable armchair, consider the following factors:

Determine your idea seat depth and width.

Look for high-quality, supportive cushioning.

Choose armrests that are at a comfortable height and provide support.

Opt for upholstery materials that are quality.

Select an armchair that complements your living room's décor.

What are the different styles of living room chairs?

Lounge Armchair: A comfortable, upholstered chair designed for relaxation. 

Recliner Armchair: Features an adjustable backrest and often a footrest.

Wingback Armchair: Characterised by high, wing-shaped backrests.

Swivel Armchair: Can rotate on a base, allowing you to easily change your viewing angle or interact with others in the room.

Tub Armchair: Features a rounded or tub-like shape with a continuous back and armrest design.

Rocking Armchair: Designed to gently rock back and forth, providing soothing motion and comfort, often used in nurseries or reading nooks.

Accent Armchair: A statement piece chosen for its visual appeal, often with unique patterns, colors, or materials.

Can you have two different chairs in a living room?

Yes, it's common and often aesthetically pleasing to have two different chairs in a living room. Mixing and matching chairs can add visual interest and create a more eclectic or personalised look. Just ensure that they complement each other in terms of style, colour, or size, and that they fit well with the overall décor of the room.