Curating Your Dining Room with L3 Home

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If you’re like us, then at some point you’ve had to make challenging interior design choices, one of them being finding the perfect dining table and chairs. This scenario goes beyond just finding pieces that fit as a set while balancing both functionality and style. You have to consider so many elements, from measurements to materials and even a budget. So, where do you begin?

We’re sitting down with L3 Home to discover their curated collection of dining room tables and chairs. The team has taken out the hard work and put together a series of tables and chairs that work perfectly together, alleviating you from having to go through a lengthy process. Let's dive into the world of dining rooms and discover how you can best curate your space. 

Bruno 7 Piece Dining Set with Oskar Natural Oak Chairs

Milari 5 Piece Walnut Dining Set with Arche Black Oak Wishbone Chairs

Pedie 5 Piece Black Dining Set with Arche Black Oak Wishbone Chairs

“Our Curated Dining is your one-stop streamlined experience to getting your dining room perfect with just one decision, from one place." 

- L3 Home

What to Consider When Buying a New Dining Table and Chairs 

First things first, we’re looking into those important elements you must consider at the start of your dining room curation. We recommend following the below guide: 

Space: What is the size and layout of your dining room? Do you have a large open-plan area to work with, or are you limited in space?

Carol 7 Piece Dining Set with Arche Oak Wishbone Chairs

Lifestyle: How will you mostly use your dining room? Will it be a multifunctional area for entertainment, family dinners, and homework? Do you have pets that will make certain materials a convenient scratching post?

Bruno 7 Piece Black Dining Set with Isak Oak Chairs

Interior Design Style: What is the interior design style of your home? It’s also good to think about your palette and what the other spaces around your dining room look like.

These factors will help you narrow down your options so you’re making the right choice.

Bruno 7 Piece Dining Set with Isak Natural Oak Chairs

Measurements Matter

Once you have an idea in mind of what you need out of your dining table, it's time to take those measurements. Dining tables and chairs that have already been paired together really take the guesswork out of this step. Because you’re not just measuring the width of your table to ensure it works within your space, but you’re also looking at factors like the width and height of your chairs. If this crucial component is overlooked, you might end up with chairs that don't properly fit when tucked in or are at an awkward height when eating. 

Bruno 7 Piece Dining Set with Elba Black Oak Chairs

Carol 7 Piece Black Dining Set with Blaire Rattan Cantilever Chairs

Manhattan 7 Piece Dining Set with Finn Natural Beige Oak Chairs

“Choice paralysis is a thing given the hundreds of options out there and that increases the risk of purchasing the wrong table and chair combos so we decided to do this so that customers have one less thing to think about."

- L3 Home

Finding a Style You Love

Like any piece of furniture, it’s important to find something you love that fits perfectly with your interior design style. As mentioned above, considering the style of your home is an important factor as your dining table is a staple piece of furniture. So, it’s important to consider the materials, shapes, and colours and how they will coincide with each other as well as the rest of your home. 

For example, if you have a minimalist or coastal-style home, you might opt for a natural dining table, such as oak, with light-toned chairs to match the palette of your space. On the other hand, if you have a contemporary-style home, you might opt for something a little more striking with sharp lines. 

Bruno 7 Piece Black Dining Set with Koen Ashwood Woven Cord Dining Chairs

Bruno 7 Piece Dining Set with Koen Natural Oak Chairs

Additional Elements to Complete Your Dining Room

Your curated dining room wouldn’t be complete without a few extra elements. Lighting, vases, buffet tables, artwork, and rugs are excellent additions to your room. Choose these pieces after you’ve selected your dining table and chairs to ensure they complement the space further. 

Carol 5 Piece Dining Set with Elba Natural Oak Chairs

Bruno 5 Piece Dining Set with Myah Boucle Gold Cantilever Chairs

Manhattan 7 Piece Walnut Dining Set with Prague Rattan Bentwood Chairs

All-in-all, curating your dining room might be a challenge but it’s also an incredibly fun part of your interior design project. Explore the full range of curated dining room tables from L3 Home, or bring your dream dining room to life using our mood board tool, where you can also find the extensive range of tables and chairs.