Five Ways To Incorporate Colour Into Your Home

Adding colour into your home is something that can instantly give your interior a facelift. Colour adds life, personality, and character into your space. With that being said, a lot of people find the idea of incorporating colour into their home a bit of a daunting and overwhelming idea. Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest and been inspired at all of the interiors that are full of colour but aren’t too sure where to start in your own home? We’ve narrowed down five simple ways that you can add colour into your home, without needing to make too many major commitments (phew).

1. Include colour throughout your soft furnishings

Choosing cushions, bed linen and soft furnishings that have colour in them is an easy way to add colour into your home. When selecting cushions, we’d suggest choosing at least two or three block coloured cushions and pair them with a patterned or textured cushion. This will break up your cushion arrangement and add a sense of visual interest and character. Cushions are usually quite an inexpensive way to play around with different colours to see which you like best in your interior. Dressing your bed in bed linen that has colour is another way that adds colour to your home but is something you can change quite regularly. If you aren’t brave enough to choose a coloured bed spread, then simply add a pop of colour through your sheets and pillowcases. 

Rust 100% flax linen flat sheet from Bed Threads. View product here.

Sage 100% flax linen duvet cover from Bed Threads. View product here.

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We love the way Hemko Interiors has added colour through the gorgeous choice of bed linen

2. Choose artwork that includes your favourite colours

Art is great place to start when you’re stuck on where to begin on your colour journey. Generally speaking, most artworks include a variety of colours in them. If you’d prefer to keep all of your furniture pieces and soft furnishings more of a neutral palette, then we’d suggest incorporating artwork into your home that includes a few of your favourite colours. This way you can get used to the idea of having colour in your home and can draw from the colours in your artwork when you want to include colour in your soft furnishings and other décor pieces. You can view thousands of different artwork here.

We love this gorgeous Dharrang Canvas Art Print from Urban Road. View this product here

Interior design and styling by Coco Camellia

3. Style with fresh floral arrangements

One of our favourite ways to add colour into an interior is through styling with fresh floral arrangements (unless you’re sensitive to flowers and in that case, we recommend using high-quality fake floral). It really is a must-have when it comes to styling your home. Fresh flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but they add a sense of life and freshness into your interior. Choosing flowers that have a bit of colour in them, such as blush pink peonies or purple tulips, instantly add a pop of colour to your home. And the good news is – they usually only last a week or so, so if you’re anything like us and like to change up your interior styling quite often, these are the perfect fit!

Interior design and styling by Coco Camellia

4. Include a colorful rug in your space

Rugs are the perfect choice when it comes to adding colour into your home. A great thing with rugs is there is a huge selection to choose from. From rugs that are more contemporary in style to the more traditional and classic patterns and colours, the options really are literally endless. If you have furniture that is quite neutral, say a grey couch and timber coffee table, then a nice way to introduce a bit of colour is by incorporating a rug that has a beautiful colour wave or pattern through it. We have a large range of rugs from different brands. You can check them out here.

Reflections 101 Coral rug from Rug Culture. View rug here

Allegra Orange and Cream multicoloured rug from Miss Amara. View rug here

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We love the way Andrea from My Green Sofa has added colour into this living room through the gorgeous rug from Rug Culture

5. Play around with statement furniture pieces

So you want to add colour into your furniture pieces but you don’t want to commit to the emerald green velvet couch? We completely understand! When it comes to buying furniture, it’s generally is quite an investment and not something you want to be replacing every few years. That’s why, if you want to add colour into your furniture, we’d recommend doing this through your statement pieces. Statement pieces are pieces of furniture that make a statement in a room and act as a feature or focal point. These can include a feature armchair, ottoman, sideboard and even your dining chairs. These pieces can generally be moved around your home and are a versatile option when it comes to including colour in your home through your furniture.   

Interior design and styling by Dot + Pop. Photographed by Simon Shiff

We love this Muse Agave sofa designed by Sarah Ellison. Image credit Sarah Ellison

See – colour isn’t that scary! Used in the right way, colour really does have the power to transform your interior and home. Don’t be afraid to have a play around and try out different colours until you find what works best for you. A little hint, usually the colours that you wear will be the colours that you like to also live in in your interior.

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