Embracing the Curve Appeal with Mocka

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If there’s an interior trend we recommend looking out for in 2023, it's curves. Soft, rounded edges are back and they’ve had an upgrade since their peak popularity in the 60’s and 70’s. We’re now seeing the future of curved furniture - and it’s exciting. The trend encourages comfort, luxury and functionality, while promising to transform your space. So, with the help of Mocka, we’re exploring how to level-up your space by embracing the curve appeal.

Comfort and Functionality

Transforming your space goes beyond the furniture and décor you choose. It’s also about how you want your home to feel. Creating an inviting space that acts as a sanctuary has become an essential part of life. But unless you can dedicate an entire room to building this oasis, the space often must integrate with everyday life. Cue curved furniture. Opting for curved furniture, such as a dining table, is the perfect way to combine comfort and functionality. The rounded edges and arched shape bring a softness into your space through an item that will be used and loved daily. 

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"Our needs change according to our various life stages and at Mocka, we get this; as we are also homemakers with families of our own and so it’s really important that our furniture and decor caters to those changing needs. Versatility is key and functionality vital. We aim to provide customers with a product range that meets those requirements while also delivering on style and trend."

Vanessa Brennan, CEO

Neutral and Natural

Curved furniture often acts as an exciting statement piece in your space. So, it’s important to opt for palettes and materials that compliment the piece, rather than compete with it. Neutral palettes may not always seem exciting, but we promise it will only emphasise the gorgeous curves in your space. We also recommend including some materials that give a natural impression, such as rattan, to add a contrast without being overwhelming. 

Harmonious Flow

If you’re not already totally convinced by the curve appeal, then maybe this point will help. Another reason curved furniture is so popular is that it works in every space, even smaller ones. Curves work to create a cohesive flow which enables rooms to appear more spacious. For example, opting for a curved bedhead combined with an arched mirror will soften the space while helping to carry your eyes around the room with ease. 

Tip: Opting for curved furniture with a textured finish will also create depth in the room. 

At Mocka,  we provide the ingredients for our customers to create the magic – transforming  their homes into one that they’ll love to live in every day.

Vanessa Brennan, CEO

Fluted Luxury

Fluted details might just be the perfect answer to embracing curves while adding texture to your space. Fluted furniture is a statement style that features traditional vertical channels or grooves. These pieces have the smooth, comfortable elements of curved furniture all while incorporating a luxury finish. Side tables or smaller décor pieces, such as vases, are the perfect way to include this classic style without it being too overpowering.

There is such wonderful synergy between Style Sourcebook and Mocka – both equipping designers and homemakers with the tools to create their dream oasis.”

Vanessa Brennan, CEO

From the comforting elements to luxurious finishes and cohesive flow, it’s easy to see why the curve trend is gaining popularity again. To discover more pieces from Mocka that are sure to elevate your home, visit here. Plus, create a mood board here to see which products best suit your space.