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Australian summers and barbeques are an iconic match everyone loves. Whether you’re entertaining friends or having a wholesome family dinner, there’s something so special about BBQs. But as interior trends change, the humble BBQ has also seen some upgrades, and we’re not just talking about those innovative technologies. BBQs have been completely elevated to be the star of outdoor kitchens. But what is an outdoor kitchen and how can you create one? We’re sitting down with Crossray, the experts in all things outdoor cooking, to discover how you can design an outdoor kitchen perfect for summer entertaining.

What is an Outdoor Kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens aren’t necessarily a new concept, especially when you look back through history. But outdoor kitchens, as we know them today, are incredibly advanced, efficient, and luxurious. It’s essentially a functional kitchen equipped with amenities, accessories, and of course, BBQs. Outdoor kitchens come in so many different sizes and styles, meaning they’re also versatile making them perfect for any space. 

“An outdoor kitchen is an excellent option, it provides the convenience of having a barbecue, fridge, and sink all in one place, allowing you to prepare meals while enjoying time with your guests.” 

- Emma Dufresne | Marketing Specialist

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Designing an Outdoor Kitchen 

There’s a few things to consider when it comes to designing your outdoor kitchen: 

Outdoor Kitchen Location

Your outdoor kitchen location will be dependent on a few factors and requires a bit of planning. Do you have a deck or alfresco that will be extended to accommodate? Will you position your outdoor kitchen near a pool or garden for aesthetics? What’s the privacy like? Deciding on the location should be the first step to ensure you can create the space you want.  

Outdoor Kitchen Layout

Part of planning your outdoor kitchen’s location is also planning the layout. The position may dictate whether you opt for a gallery, U-shape, or an L-shape outdoor kitchen. Each layout has its own benefits, it's really about what suits you, your lifestyle, and the location best. 

Outdoor Kitchen Style

Now that you’ve found a location and layout that’s practical and you love, it’s time to pick the style of your outdoor kitchen. We always recommend staying with a similar style to your home’s interiors for cohesion, but you can still get creative with your space. Will you opt for a modern outdoor kitchen with sleek finishes and contemporary tiles? Or maybe a Mediterranean space with a light palette and rustic features? 

Tip: Don’t forget to consider the weather. If your location is prone to large volumes of rain or the spot you chose is in direct sunlight, it’s best to opt for materials that can withstand the climate.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances 

It’s time to dive into the exciting part of your outdoor kitchen, appliances. The appliances you choose again will depend on how you want to use your outdoor kitchen. Maybe you’re entertaining all the time and need a large BBQ equipped with a fridge, a sink, storage, and bench space. Or maybe you’re installing gorgeous stone benchtops and need something small and sleek to elevate the space. We love the idea of electric BBQs too, they’re perfect for outdoor entertaining without the hassle of gas bottles. No matter the appliances you need for your outdoor kitchen, you’re spoilt for choice. 

We hope you’re feeling inspired to design an outdoor kitchen for your summer entertaining. Explore the entire range of innovative products from Crossray here, or bring your outdoor kitchen vision to life using our mood board tool here.