7 Outdoor Firepit Ideas To Inspire

Welcoming the winter months doesn’t mean saying goodbye to outdoor entertaining. You can still host friends and family throughout the year, you might just need to add some extra warmth to your space. Cue the outdoor firepit. Not only are they practical for those cool winter nights, but outdoor firepits can add so much ambiance and interest to your backyard. Plus, we’re seeing a lot of incredible designs and styles which have completely elevated outdoor firepits to suit most homes. Gone are the days of putting together a few logs of wood, but don’t worry, marshmallows are here to stay. So, come with us as we explore 7 outdoor firepit ideas that are sure to inspire (and keep you warm!).

1. Choosing Your Outdoor Firepit Style

The choices are endless when it comes to choosing a style for your outdoor firepit area. We love the idea of matching your interiors with your external spaces. For example, if you live in a Mediterranean-styled home, your outdoor area might feature a neutral palette, large pots with olive trees placed nearby, and a minimal firepit, like the Heron Large Firepit. Or if your space is more minimalistic, then you could opt for the Iron Fire Pit surrounded by your favourite deck chairs. 

Tip: The style of your outdoor firepit will also depend on the actual type, such as natural wood burner, electric, or even gas. It’s best to pick a type that suits your lifestyle and the position of your firepit. 

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2. Make Your Outdoor Firepit a Feature

If you’re trying to think of a position for your outdoor firepit, why not make it a feature? This doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be front and centre. Your firepit might just be the highlight of your outdoor area. We love the idea of opting for an outdoor firepit in a tone that really stands out from its surroundings. Or even designing the landscape to be positioned around the firepit space, so that the backyard feels cohesive. However you choose to make your firepit a feature, we’re sure it won't go unnoticed. 

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3. Social Spot 

Your outdoor firepit will be about so much more than just warmth and ambiance; it’ll become a place where people gather. So, optimising your spot for socialising is super important. Take the saying “sit around the campfire” literally and opt for lots of comfortable seating. We love the idea of a sunken firepit. Think conversation pit meets outdoor warmth. Not only will this look incredibly inviting and stylish, but it means you’ll have plenty of space for family and friends.

4. Add Décor to Your Outdoor Firepit

Décor isn't just for indoors. You can add a touch of comfort to your outdoor firepit through your favourite pieces. Outdoor cushions are a perfect option for adding colour and interest, while blankets and throws can be used for texture and extra warmth. Outdoor lighting is also great for further ambiance and will look incredible all year round. We also love the idea of adding outdoor furniture items beyond chairs, such as side tables like the Cobble Coffee Table, which will come in handy for those cheese platters and hot chocolates. 

Tip: Add a little bit of luxury to your outdoor firepit by placing candles in glass jars around the area. 

5. Outdoor Kitchen 

If your first thought of an outdoor kitchen takes you back to camping, we wouldn’t blame you. But hear us out. Outdoor kitchens have come a long way from just the humble barbeque. It’s now all about firepits that turn into grills and woodfire ovens (although we still love the humble BBQ!). These incredibly stylish spaces are popping up everywhere and they’re bringing a new meaning to hosting outdoors. Not only do they completely elevate your space but they’re so practical. 

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6. Outdoor Fireplace 

If outdoor firepits really aren't your thing, don’t worry, you can still enjoy your outdoor area all year round. A built-in outdoor fireplace is the definition of indoor-outdoor living in winter. Fireplaces are no longer reserved for living rooms as people have been placing these features on their alfresco to add both warmth and a luxury feel to the space. 

7. Outdoor Heaters

While on the topic of alternative options to firepits, we couldn't go past outdoor heaters, like the Heatstrip Classic. Not only are they so warm, but they’re incredibly minimal and stylish, making them the perfect option for any space. They’re also hassle-free and cost-effective - winter has never looked so good. Outdoor heaters are also the perfect option if changes to your landscape aren’t on the cards for 2023. They can easily be installed in your home meaning you can start entertaining right away. 

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We hope we’ve warmed you up to the idea of creating an outdoor firepit, so your backyard and alfresco can be used all year round. Feeling inspired? Begin planning your dream outdoor space using our mood board tool here.