Defining Space with Wild Yarn

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Defining space within your home is essential. It works to visually break up open-plan living spaces, giving each area definition and purpose. However, mastering this can be a little tricky as including bulky items can often clutter the space, making it feel smaller. It’s all about creating those zones, without any compromise (or structural changes). Instead, we’re loving the idea of adding décor pieces, such as rugs, that can instantly elevate and define your space. To help us explore this topic, we’re sitting down with Wild Yarn who are experts on all things rugs.

Determine the Purpose

First things first, what is the purpose of your space? Is it a kid's play area, a corner for unwinding, or maybe you’re needing separate zones in an open-plan layout? Once you have determined the purpose of your space, then you can start adding pieces to define it. We love the idea of popping a rug underneath the dining table, it provides the perfect anchor without over-cluttering. It’s also a great way to include different shapes and sizes, such as a round table, paired with a round rug. 

Tip: If you’d love to incorporate a dining table rug but are worried about the mess, why not opt for a washable rug? They’re stylish and easy to clean, meaning zero compromise needed!

“Texture is a must! Combining textures adds a gorgeous visual element to your space as well as tying the spaces together, without being overwhelming.”
 - Zeynep Tahmazoglu, Wild Yarn

Think Furniture

Furniture is a huge part of defining your space and there’s a lot to consider. The area needs to feel like its own zone, while also still flowing cohesively with the rest of your home. Our advice? Choose how you want the space to be arranged and add from there. For example, if you're defining an intimate space in an open living room, try positioning your sofa and armchairs around a large rug. Allowing for the front legs of the furniture to sit on the rug creates a cosy, defined space without closing off the zone. Remember, the bigger the rug, the better!

Character is Key

Adding character in the form of texture, colours and patterns is a great way to give your space new life. For example, your home might be soaked in sunlight and feature white tones. This can be beautiful, but may feel a little two-dimension. Incorporating natural finishes like a wood coffee table and textured rugs, such as Jute or Sisal, will create an extra layer to the space. This layer will help elevate and define, without the clutter.

Tip: Keeping consistent with colours and tone throughout your home is an easy way to help with cohesion. Neutrals are always a good choice, but if you’re feeling like adding a little pop of colour, try opting for the same shade throughout. 

“If you change your décor often, picking neutral rugs is perfect as they will work well with any decor. We usually recommend wool or jute rugs that are simple and versatile.”
- Zeynep Tahmazoglu, Wild Yarn

We hope these tips have you feeling inspired to add definition to your space. Luckily, with so many options to choose from, we know you’ll be able to find something that works cohesively and looks incredibly stylish. Explore the full range from Wild Yarn here. If you’re needing help visualising your zone, check out our Mood Board tool here.