Choosing the Perfect Window Coverings for Your Home

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Windows play an important role in the home, and not just structurally. They let in the cool breeze, fill rooms with natural light, and allow you to connect with nature. But what people often forget is that your window coverings are just as important as your windows. They add texture and character while fulfilling essential purposes such as increasing energy efficiency and keeping the early morning sun out for extra sleep (yes, please!). So, how do you choose the perfect window coverings for your home? We’re sitting down with the experts at dollar curtains + blinds who are giving us their top tips to help you.

To start the process of choosing the perfect window coverings for your home, you have to consider your space and your lifestyle. Do the bedrooms need more privacy? Are you aiming for natural light in some areas but need to prioritise moisture resistance in others? Do you have children or pets? Picking the perfect solution means you’ll need to consider all options.


Curtains have been a widely popular choice for centuries. Not only can they be incredibly practical, but also soften your space and help it to flow. And with curtains, you’re spoilt for choice. There’s so many different colours, fabrics, patterns, and styles to choose from. Opting for blockout curtains in the bedroom not only works to keep your room dark and private but also cosy and warm. Sheer curtains can also be added to main areas, such as the lounge room, to diffuse natural light and add character to the space. 

“In our stores, you can feel the fabric samples, see all colourways and experience the large-scale size of what the window coverings will look like.”

Melia Mangan, Marketing Manager - dollar curtains + blinds


Blinds are an incredibly versatile option for your space. They’re stylish, functional, and some options can become completely undetectable. If you’re after a clean, simple look, blinds are your go-to. They also work to control light, block out heat and can be cost-effective. Plus, there’s so many variations available - Roller blinds, Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, the list goes on. 

Tip: Blinds are also a great option for families with children, they can keep the room dark and cool while being durable.


Shutters are a strong favourite, and for a good reason. Shutters are not only perfect for thermal insulation and ventilation, but they can elevate your home both inside and out. Styles, such as plantation shutters, also add a timeless touch to your space that's easy to clean - need we say more? Shutters can also be great in the bathroom as different types, such as PVC shutters, are moisture-resistant meaning they can help to withstand warping and cracking. 

Mood board created by dollar curtains + blinds, on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.  

Mood board created by dollar curtains + blinds, on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.  


When thinking about window coverings, it’s also important to consider your outdoor area. Awnings are a perfect addition to any home. They add space, shield your home from the weather, and increase insulation. Imagine being able to use your alfresco all year round, no matter the forecast. 

The Next Step

Once you’ve picked the perfect window coverings for your home and lifestyle, it’s important to know they’ll fit the space. Getting professionals, like dollar curtains + blinds, to measure the area is an easy way to ensure the coverings will fit. If they don’t, it could end up making your space feel smaller and cluttered, rather than adding value. 

There may be a lot to consider when choosing the perfect window coverings for your home, but there are also so many great options out there. If you’d like to view the full range at dollar curtains + blinds, visit here. Or, if you’d like to visualise your new window coverings, use our mood board tool here.