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When it comes to deciding on flooring throughout your home or design project, we understand that it can be no easy feat as there are simply an endless number of choices and variations available. From carpet, timber and vinyl options, how does one decide on the perfect flooring for their lifestyle and situation? If you've been using Style Sourcebook for a little while now, then there's no doubt that you will have used some Choices Flooring swatches within your mood boards before. To ensure the flooring swatches in your mood boards are the right choice for your home, we had a chat with the team at Choices Flooring about their top tips to select the perfect solution between hundreds of carpet and hard flooring options. So, with Choices Flooring's expert advice, this is your one-stop-shop for all things flooring choices, to ensure these kinds of decisions are much easier to make.

What makes Choices Flooring unique?

Choices Flooring (as its name suggests), has hundreds of options in flooring, window furnishings and rugs. The choices are endless, and our professionals in stores are trained to ensure that each customer finds the perfect combination of all our product offerings. Choices Flooring is also the only retailer in Australasia that provides customers with the opportunity to see a product in their home before even visiting a store. As a crucial step either before or after using the Style Sourcebook mood board tool, the RoomView visualiser is the perfect tool in the decorating journey as it allows customers to upload an image of rooms in their home, and view the hundreds of options available in flooring, blinds, shutters, and rugs. The peace of mind it has brought to many of our customers has been priceless. It takes the guesswork out and saves time going to and from local Choices Flooring stores to swap over samples. 

What are your top tips for choosing the perfect flooring?

  • Make sure you choose a product that is suitable for your household and its' daily activity
  • Ensure that the colour tone being used compliments other surfaces in the home such as walls and benchtops
  • Make sure you view flooring samples in the home during the day in natural light, then in the evening when artificial lights are reflecting on them. It’s amazing how different the products can look in different lights
  • Use the Choices Flooring RoomView visualiser and the Style Sourcebook mood board tool to visualise the flooring in your space 

“At Choices Flooring, we know that making such a big decision about flooring and window furnishings for the home can sometimes be daunting. That’s why our showrooms have been designed to make it easier to browse and focus on options particular to customer’s interior taste, and their lifestyle requirements."

- Ingrid Powell - Digital Manager

 How does one choose between hybrid, vinyl, and timber flooring?

They are all fantastic hard flooring options, so it depends on the household requirements. Timber flooring is the ultimate in hard flooring, as each plank has its unique pattern made up of grains and knots, which makes for a stunning statement in the home. Luxury Vinyl and hybrid flooring options still look like timber; however, they don’t have the restrictions of it being a natural product so tend not to scratch or dent as much due to the board being used under the timber replica layer. 

What flooring trends have you noticed lately?

Hybrid flooring is the newest innovation in hard flooring. It looks like real timber; however, it is hard-wearing and water and scratch resistant meaning it can be installed throughout the entire home. Recently, there has been a move to timber-look flooring in bathrooms and laundries, rather than tiles which have always been the main ‘go-to’ for wet areas in the home. Choices Flooring’s Abode Hybrid range offers water-resistant flooring which is perfect for these areas. 

Mood board credit by Choices Flooring, on Style Sourcebook, view mood board here.

Mood board credit by Choices Flooring, on Style Sourcebook, view mood board here.

Mood board credit by Choices Flooring, on Style Sourcebook, view mood board here.

A choice that many people struggle with - is carpet or hard flooring better in living rooms and bedrooms?

Both options are just as good however it depends on what ambience is required for each room. Carpets naturally provide softness underfoot and acoustically will absorb noise in the rooms, however, they tend to be a little more difficult to keep clean. Hard flooring options are durable, and easy to keep clean however can be cold underfoot. It is a balancing act between the two: ambience versus practicality.

What is the best way to care and maintain flooring from Choices Flooring?

We have an extensive Care and Maintenance Guide available on the website that covers all cleaning tips for carpet, different types of hard flooring, as well as rugs. We even have a Flooring First Aid section that will help get onto those scary spills and accidents - especially designed for carpet cleaning!

Why do you think mood boards are a crucial step in the design process?

Bringing a vision together on a mood board helps customers ‘realise’ their dream look. It allows them to change up looks, colours and themes and decide on the final choice by a process of elimination.


“When it comes to choices, that is exactly what we are.  A flooring and window furnishings business that offers the latest in seasonal trends and product innovation.  Choices Flooring makes it easy for any new home build or renovation, and the choices are endless."

- Ingrid Powell - Digital Manager

What do you love to see Style Sourcebook users create with your products?

We love to see anything created on Style Sourcebook. As every home decorator is different, we love to see the various interior looks come together with Choices Flooring products.

Are there any exciting projects that Choices Flooring are currently working on that you’d like to share? 

We have just completed our annual photoshoot for next year’s marketing activities where we provide our customers with not only great savings on products but also lots of advice and inspiration for home decorators looking to start from the floor up.  We worked alongside stylist Bree Leech and Peter Mack from maxphotography who have done an amazing job bringing our products to life in real room settings.

Get started with the process of choosing the right flooring for your home with Choices Flooring products found here and explore their hybrid range here. We look forward to seeing a range of different Choices Flooring options in your mood boards very soon - don't forget to share them with us!