Bringing The Inside Out with Cotswold

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We’re so lucky with the weather here in Australia. Not even a cold winter’s morning can take away from stepping outside to soak up a little bit of sun. It’s so important to have these spots in your home where you can unwind in the fresh air, or even enjoy a drink (or two) with friends and family. But often outdoor areas can feel a little disconnected from the rest of your home, which means they can easily be forgotten or neglected. So, with the help of Cotswold InOut Furniture, we’re exploring some stylish ideas on how to bring the inside out and create a space you’ll never want to leave.

What Does Bringing the Inside Out Mean?

Outdoor areas were once thought of as completely separate from the home. But luckily, interior design is now all about that seamless flow between spaces, combining the inside with the out. Think internal rooms that open out onto the alfresco, large windows that invite in nature, and outdoor furniture that complements your interiors. 

Tell Me How to Achieve This!

The good news is that bringing the inside out is actually pretty simple. There’re just a few things to consider before you get started:

Think About Your Lifestyle 

The first step in creating a new space is to always consider your lifestyle. How will you use this space? Who will you host on a regular basis? What factors are important to you? There’s a lot to think about. Our advice? Consider your outdoor area now and how you’d rather be using it. This is also the perfect opportunity to evaluate your space. Maybe you love entertaining friends and family often, but your alfresco is limited. Instead of trying to create another dining area, opt for a social zone. Add smaller items, such as lounge chairs and side tables, which will allow the space to flow and will help to avoid clutter.

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Continuing the Quality 

Interior décor and furniture get a lot of love and attention, and rightly so, but what about the external elements? There’s no point in investing in gorgeous pieces inside, when your outdoor furniture doesn’t reflect the same quality. It will end up causing a divide between the flow of your spaces. The best way to avoid this is to put the same emphasis on your outdoor décor and furniture. Think items that will withstand natural elements, and won't spilt or warp under the hot Australian sun. They’ll continue to look incredible and are more sustainable, as you won’t have to replace them as often as you would with cheaper products. 

Adding a Touch of Texture

Texture outdoors isn’t just about the landscaping you do. It’s about adding colours and materials that further enhance the flow and overall feel of your external spaces. Try opting for furniture in durable materials, such as wood or aluminum. For example, aluminum tables can be incredibly versatile in both shape and colour, which can add visual interest, warmth, and flexibility to your space. We love the idea of adding a gorgeous geometric table to your alfresco, as it creates an element of functional art. This is also the perfect option when looking for a quality piece to add to your space. 

From open spaces that flow to adding visual interests, we hope you’re feeling inspired to bring the inside out. Explore Cotswold InOut Furniture’s entire range here, or visualise your dream outdoor space with our mood board tool here.