Explore 700 Above, a Unique Mood Board Project Brought to Life with Beaumont Tiles

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Interior Design: @designbyjive

Style Sourcebook Profile: Interiors By Jive

Here at Style Sourcebook, we’re always excited to see your projects evolve from initial mood board concepts to completed masterpieces. After all, there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing a mood board brought to life. We love how each product uniquely contributes to the aesthetics of the mood board, which is only enhanced when brought together in the actual space. This is perfectly illustrated by Design By Jive in the 700 Above Project. We’re sitting down with Design By Jive to discover the captivating mood board that started it all and how the project was brought to life using Beaumont Tiles.

Mood board created by Design By Jive on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

“Choosing Beaumont Tiles was a no-brainer for the kitchen at 700 Above. The quality of their tiles is excellent, and with showrooms everywhere, accessibility is always a breeze. What truly sets these tiles apart, though, is the subtle concave that adds interest without being too overpowering. They perfectly complement the lush forest green cabinetry and eye-catching brushed brass fixtures, turning this kitchen into a timeless space that reflects the nature-filled environment.”

- Josephine | Design By Jive

700 Above is a truly unique project. Gaining its name from its position 700 meters above sea level, the boutique accommodation is located in the country town of Trentham, Victoria. The private cabin needed interiors to match its stunning location and give it a luxurious edge to enhance guests' experiences. Not a detail was missed in achieving this with Design By Jive incorporating a range of striking fixtures and finishes. 

To complement the bold palette of brushed brass and deep greens, the Ignite White Gloss Mosaic Tile from Beaumont Tiles was chosen. These finger mosaic tiles feature a rustic, yet elegant feel, as if they were made specifically for this unique project. As mentioned earlier by Design By Jive, the subtle details of these tiles work to add texture and depth to the kitchen space, without compromising the other elements. Plus, not only do they create connection from a design sense, but the gloss finish of the tiles reflects light which helps to keep the nook layout of the kitchen bright and open, making them the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. 

The specific details of the Ignite White Gloss Mosiac Tiles are perfect for small kitchen projects, like 700 Above, as they work to enhance the room in every way while achieving the right amount of interest.

Even from Design By Jive’s mood board, it was evident that the finger mosaic tiles would work to elevate the kitchen at 700 Above. Their textured detailing is understated, but a compelling aspect when paired with the bold tones and textures also featured on the mood board. 

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