Our brilliant community of interior stylists, decorators and e-designers love using Style Sourcebook as a key step in their design process. Below, we hear how they use the mood board tool and product library as a means of sourcing, selecting, and presenting furniture, materials and finishes to their clients. To hear testimonials from our interior designers, retailers & brands and renovators & students, click on the buttons above. 

Steph | Arlen Interiors

Interior Stylist

"I absolutely love using Style Sourcebook for my projects! Creating mood boards is a crucial component before I style. I need to visually see how all of the pieces look together before any purchases are made.”

Kathyn | Hemko Interiors

Interior Stylist & Home Creator 

"Style Sourcebook helps me work out what works and doesn’t work together, what existing furniture I have that I can use, and what I need to buy."

Melissa & Melanie | Raydan Blair

Interior Stylists

"By using Style Sourcebook we are able to showcase our vision and help clients in their selection of colours, style and finishes for their dream home. Having the opportunity to collate our ideas into mood boards is such a helpful tool.”

Josephine | Interiors by Jive

Interior Stylist & Graphic Designer

"Style Sourcebook is an awesome tool enabling me to effortlessly visualise spaces before bringing them to life. With its user-friendly interface and extensive design library, I can curate mood boards that capture my clients' desired aesthetic.”

Vienna | Vienna Rose Styling


"Style Sourcebook is my go-to for creating client concepts. I love having a large variety of items right at my fingertips. It makes it so easy and fast to pull together a look to present to my clients. I don't think I could work without it, that's how helpful it is!"

Rhiannon | Oleander & Finch

E-Designer & Industry Mentor 

"Style Sourcebook is my go-to tool for creating beautiful and inspiring mood boards for my clients. It's easy to use, has a huge library of products and finishes, and saves me so much time. I highly recommend it to all interior designers, whether you're a beginner or a pro."

Briana | Property Stylists & Co

Property Stylist

“Discovering the Style Sourcebook website completely transformed our business. The presentation of our concept designs to clients were upleveled, showcasing their brief so beautifully in the mood boards that we are able to create through Style Sourcebook.”

Jackie | Jackie Fyfe Interiors

Interior Stylist

"I find Style Sourcebook easy to navigate and a great visual tool for both my clients and myself. It’s so exciting to see a concept come alive from a mood board into a beautiful, curated and cohesive space."

Rosanna | Playa Interiors

Interior Stylist & Content Creator 

“From the moment I started using Style Sourcebook, I knew it would be the perfect tool to communicate and propose the décor style to the client. It made my studies much more professional and have already utilised the platform to inspire new looks for several clients.”

Sally | So Sally Said Interiors

Interior Stylist

"Style Sourcebook is my visual tool to present to a client, leading to the second step, the design phase. Establishing the visual and keeping focused on design with communication is the most important ingredient to move forward.”

Olivewood Interiors

Colour Consultant

“A great design starts with a clear and concise mood board. Style Sourcebook makes it so easy to create beautiful mood boards and their site is such a wonderful source of inspiration.”

Tash | Black Koi Design Studio

Interior Stylist 

"Style Sourcebook doesn't just make creating mood boards a dream but also helps inspire my creative process. Style Sourcebook isn't an individual program but a beautiful community where innovation thrives."

Laura | The PAX Design


“Style Sourcebook has become an integral component of my daily routine. Its exceptional user-friendliness enhances the overall design process, making it even more enjoyable. The extensive array of products available on Style Sourcebook greatly facilitates the creation of mood boards, and the option to upload my own products further amplifies my appreciation for this website."

Joh | Siesta Home

Interior Decorator

"I love using Style Sourcebook to create mood boards for myself and for my clients. It's so easy to use and has a large library of real products to choose from."

Alex | Williams Way Interiors

Interior Stylist

"There’s something I find so therapeutic about creating a mood board for a client. I’m a very visual person, so to see my ideas have a bit more life to them on a page, is very satisfying.”

Gina | Style Curator 

Interior Stylist & Content Creator

"I often get questions about how I create the mood boards you see on Style Curator and the secret is Style Sourcebook, a completely free and super-easy to use online tool."

Sam | Designingly


"Nothing substitutes visual communication when it comes to design! Having the right tools to share concepts with clients is so important. I find Style Sourcebook super user friendly to work with and with so many great brands and products there at your fingertips."

Lee | Five Files Design Studio


“Mood boards are essential in showcasing a design concept to a client and Style Sourcebook is the perfect tool to achieve this. I can quickly and easily create beautiful and professional boards that help visualise how all the selections will come together.”

Zoe | The DIY Decorator

Interior Decorator

"Style Sourcebook website is one of my most used tools and use it to create my mood boards that I share."

Chris | TLC Interiors

Interior Stylist & Blogger

"I never work on a design project without mood boarding every single room. Mood boards allow me to work out the final design I want to present to the client, but it also allows them to understand how all of the furniture and decor will work side-by-side in the space."

Nerissa | Bay Design Co

Interior Stylist

“We couldn’t have created our dream space without the use of Style Sourcebook. I tell everyone who is designing their home or space to use it! It’s so inspiring to see your space come together from initially using the mood board tool to living in your newly created home.”