Your Guide to Keeping Your House Cool This Summer

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With summer fast approaching, we are collectively getting excited for the warmer weather after what feels like a long winter. However, our summer-loving minds often forget about just how warm it can get during the summer months – especially inside our homes. From ensuring our pets stay cool to making sure that our upcoming Christmas guests are comfortable, it’s important to keep out the hot sun and keep our inside spaces cool when at home. With the help of Lighting Illusions, this is your guide to keeping your house cool this summer. With Lighting Illusions’ 20-years’ experience supplying on-trend lighting and cooling products, together we explore tips on how to keep your house cool this summer, from ceiling fans, natural fabrics and more.

1. Install a Ceiling Fan

One of the best things you can do this summer is to install a ceiling fan into various rooms of your home. With balmy nights coming our way, it’s important to have ceiling fans that do the job well to ensure that the summer season doesn’t turn into a sweaty season. Not only can a ceiling fan keep you cool, Lighting Illusions also adds that, “installing a ceiling fan can save you up to 40% on your power bill through circulating cold air that gradually settles on the bottom of your room.” 

Lighting Illusions has an exciting new innovation in the ceiling fan space, with the introduction of their smart ceiling fan. This fan is the perfect fan for the Australian climate with some nifty functions such as being able to automate the fan to turn on if your local weather hits a certain point in temperature. The newly released Calibo Smart CloudFan has a sleek design and can be controlled from your compatible smartphone. Don’t forget to set your fan to rotate counter clockwise to keep you and your family as cool as possible.

2.  Add Plants

The humble plant – fit for every occasion (with summer being one of them!). Plants have the ability to not only bring character to your interior, but they also help to keep your home naturally fresh and comfortable throughout the heat. Opt for plants such as bamboo palms, ferns, or peace lilies. P.s. don’t forget to keep them hydrated and keep them out of the sun as much as possible to maintain their green, luscious leaves.

Mood board created by Lighting Illusions on Style Sourcebook, featuring the 'White Airborne Enviro 60" DC Ceiling Fan'.

3. Opt for LED Lighting

Although LED lighting is something that may not spring to mind when preparing your home for summer, it should be! Whilst ideally lights should be switched off as much as possible when not in use, when in use it’s vital to get the right lights installed to keep your home cool. Opt for LED lights instead of incandescent lights as they produce less heat and save on electricity costs – a double win. See our range of LED lighting here, including some from Lighting Illusions.

4. Use Natural Fabrics

Not only can natural fabrics make your interior look both stylish and relaxed, but it can also provide some assistance in keeping your home’s temperature down. Choose fabrics in lighter colours to reflect the heat and make sure they are made of natural fibres – think luxurious bamboo cotton for your bed or light linen for your curtains. As opposed to fake synthetic fibres, natural fibres help to regulate body temperature and keep things cool. P.s. it also doesn’t hurt to add other pieces in the home that are made of natural fabrics such as pendants with natural threads from Lighting Illusions that bring a breezy feeling to your home.

Image: Reno Diary. Photographed by: Coast Park Creative

So, there is your guide to keeping your house cool this upcoming summer season. Keep these tips in mind when preparing for summer, and then include them in your home all year round. To discover more lighting and fans products from Lighting Illusions, view their full range here and create a mood board to decide which products will work best in your space.